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5 Reasons Gold Can Rally In 2019

Gold | December 12, 2018

The gold market surged higher last week, hitting its highest level since mid-July. Is this the start of a new rally phase in gold? The reasons to be bullish on gold are stacking up fast. Here are five: Global gold production growth has declined in recent years Gold output in key producing countries, such as […]

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Then Robbing Paul

Gold | December 10, 2018

Ever whistled a tune? If so, then congratulations, you’ve committed to something for a longer period than the average hold time for a stock investment. “Take any stock in the United States. The average time in which you hold a stock is – it’s gone up from 20 seconds to 22 seconds in the last […]

What is “Tail Risk” and Why Does It Matter?

Gold | November 19, 2018

Recently, you’ve probably heard people utter that we are living in “strange times.” They’re right. Last year there were only 8 days in which the S&P 500 experienced a movement of more than 1%. This year the picture is different. The S&P 500 has seen 48 days in which the index moved more than 1%. […]

As Good As Gold (And 9 Other Gold Quotes We Think You’ll Like)

Gold | November 7, 2018

As Good As Gold (And 9 Other Gold Quotes We Think You’ll Like) Have you ever thought about how much the word gold permeates our everyday language? Charles Dickens wrote the famous phrase “as good as gold” in The Christmas Carol published in 1843. Here’s a few more examples: Silence is golden Pot of gold […]

You Already Own Gold, Now How Do You Get to It?

Gold | November 5, 2018

Thinking of buying gold? You already do and it’s sitting in your pocket. On average, a cell phone consists of approximately .001 troy ounces of gold in its hardware. At today’s prices this amount totals about $1.23. Not much, but we’re only getting started. Your desktop computer has .0025 troy ounces of gold inside totaling […]