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Q: What is my coin worth? How do I get it accurately appraised?

A: The value depends on factors such as coin type, condition and whether it is loose or “slabbed,” but there are many ways to receive a quote.

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How the Bull Became the Dragon

Gold | May 24, 2017

As children, we hear stories explaining how the zebra got its stripes or how the elephant got its trunk. However, in the future, it might be more fitting to imagine how the bull became the dragon.     China is becoming a dominant force in our increasingly global economy. Gold investors in the U.S. are looking […]

Are We In Correction Territory?

Gold | May 18, 2017

Just days ago we brought you an article exploring the problems with high valuations in the equity market. We looked at why the Shiller P/E ratio offers warnings to investors given that the measurement is over 75% higher than its historical mean. Outsized stock values reflect heightened expectations. As a result, companies face the ever-increasing […]

$20 Billion in Gold ETFs Doesn’t Buy What It Used To

Gold | May 10, 2017

Some are questioning if active investment strategies are dying. “Investors have pulled $304.7 billion from active U.S. funds in the past 15 months,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Investors have awoken to the higher costs of active funds and tepid performance which often fails to outperform or even match the broad market. Meanwhile, passive investment […]

Markets Advance for Third Straight Week

Gold | May 8, 2017

It was another solid week for US stocks with a host of positive earnings reports and upbeat economic data giving a nice boost to prices. Eight out of the ten sectors in the S&P 500 were positive on Friday; the health-care and financial sectors lagging behind. The reason stocks are not entirely green across the […]

Russia Dominates In Global Gold Purchases

Gold | April 19, 2017

The latest numbers are out and the Russian central bank continues to gobble up large amounts of gold in 2017. During the month of February, the Russians were the largest buyers in the world with official purchases totaling 10 tonnes, according to new data from the World Gold Council. The Russian central bank has dominated […]

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