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Monday Morning Wrap Up – August 3, 2020

Featured | August 3, 2020
Last week was one for the history books. After nine-years, gold surged to a new all-time record high – trading up to $1,977.50 as the Covid pandemic rages on, the economic data crumbles and the U.S. dollar crashes lower. The GDP report was a bitter pill to swallow – even though we knew it was…

Goldman Sachs Warns Dollar Could Lose Reserve Status

Featured | July 30, 2020
The U.S. Stands at a Dangerous Tipping Point. As gold spiked to a new all-time record high this week at $1,960 an ounce, Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs warned the U.S. was at risk of losing the dollar reserve currency status. Soaring U.S. government debt, rising political uncertainty and social unrest dominate our times….

Has the Psychological Impact of COVID Altered Investor Behavior?

Gold | July 29, 2020
We live in confusing times. The outlook for a COVID vaccine has never been more promising. Yet, the number of new cases in the US has never been more dire. This dichotomy has people reeling because they are rightfully frightened while guardedly optimistic. Consider the tone Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla struck earlier this month when…

What Could Gold Do In the Second Half of 2020?

Gold | July 23, 2020
Uncertainty has long been the default outlook of investors. The present, however, represents both uncertainty and volatility not commonly seen in the markets. COVID-19 cases continue to climb, geopolitical events develop on an hourly basis, and markets are wavering. These factors, which are likely to remain in flux over the next six months, have investors…

Monday Morning Wrap Up – July 13, 2020

Featured | July 13, 2020
Gold: One of 2020’s Top Performing Asset Classes All eyes are on the gold market. Gold closed higher for the fifth week in a row, cementing its spot as one of 2020’s best performing asset classes. Gold is up 17% this year and closed above the $1,800 an ounce level last week. Silver wasn’t going…