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Four Gold Hordes We’re Still Trying to Find

Gold | November 13, 2017

Few things fire up the imagination like lost treasure, buried away just waiting to be found. We take a look at four gold hordes that people continue to look for to this day. The 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet A fleet of twelve Spanish ships was en route to Spain from the New World when a […]

Gold During the Changing of the Guards

Gold | November 8, 2017

With a relatively new president in office many have cited the uncertainty of our times with regard to investing. However, this notion that a US president can single-highhandedly control the economic landscape of the country is misguided. In truth, policy changes from Federal Reserve hold much more sway over the state of our markets. Now […]

Gold as Wearable Wealth: More Than a Fad in India

Gold | October 18, 2017

American women are fond of saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Not as well-known are the origins of that saying, which can be traced to a 1947 De Beers mining company advertising campaign. In the Indian culture, “No gold, no wedding” is a popular saying. That underscores the significance of gold in the fabric […]

The Five Pillars of the Central Bank Gold Agreement

Gold | October 11, 2017

Gold is critical on the stage of the global economy. In fact, it’s so important that eleven nations formally agreed that the commodity is a mainstay of sovereign nations. While die hard equity investors often eschew gold as a relic of the past, the fact remains that our world’s economy requires gold as an international […]

Gold Climbs 16%: Is It Overvalued Now?

Gold | September 12, 2017

Fact: It is rarer to find a one ounce nugget of gold than a five carat diamond.  Gold is rare, precious and recognized as a store of value around the globe. In recent weeks, individual investors and global money managers shifted assets into gold, silver and other precious metals as political and economic risks climb. […]