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Rainfall and Other Unseen Forces Influencing Gold

Gold | April 1, 2019

The vast ocean of data available to people today reveals an indisputable truth: things are not what they seem. Dive below the surface of the waters and you’ll learn that many unseen forces are pushing and pulling on our market. Sometime these forces are nefarious. Examples include the misrepresentation of risk during the global financial […]

One of the Most Influential Factors Driving Gold Demand

Gold | March 11, 2019

When we think of demand, we think of supply. The two factors are inextricably linked. However, focusing only on supply when analyzing gold demand ignores part of the picture. There is another, less frequently discussed factor in play: income. Rising incomes, especially in developing countries, will amplify gold consumption. This connection is especially true in […]

The Chinese Gold Rush of 2019

Gold | March 4, 2019

It’s a town in China you may have never heard of. Beigao, a town of roughly 100,000 people in the Putian municipal area, the city’s main street boasts 20 gold shops. Yes. 20 gold shops in a town of 100,000 Chinese citizens. It’s no surprise. Economic advances in China in recent decades opened the door […]

20 Top Analysts Forecast Gold above $1,400 in 2019

Gold | February 25, 2019

How high could gold climb in 2019? Twenty of the world’s most esteemed precious metals analysts projected a high above $1,400 an ounce for gold in the Forecast 2019 survey published by the London Bullion Market Association. The LBMA, which is a standards setting body for the precious metals industry, polled 30 analysts for its […]

Gold, and Risk-Adjusted Returns

Gold | February 11, 2019

Imagine two investments. After holding both for a period of one year they independently deliver the exact same return. For all intents and purposes, these two investments are the same right? Wrong. They could in fact be very different despite the identical returns. This difference is the risk-adjusted return. A risk-adjusted return is a measurement […]