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Is The World Running Out of Gold?

Gold | January 17, 2018

Is The World Running Out of Gold? Gold. It’s getting harder and harder to find. The world’s richest gold deposits are being depleted. New discoveries are rare – few and far between. Some industry analysts suspect we are getting close to “peak gold,” which refers to the time when the world will hit its maximum […]

Earth’s Riches May Stay Locked Away Forever

Gold | January 15, 2018

As the old saying goes, “water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” This sentiment perfectly summarizes the question of scarcity in gold mining. Many have asked, “how much gold is there left to be mined.” The short answer: much more than you think. The long answer, however, is more complicated. Let’s look at […]

The Three People Who Influence Gold Prices

Gold | January 8, 2018

Like all investments, the price of gold is dictated by the markets. However, there are a few key influencers who wield significant influence over the price of gold. Their actions, in aggregate, do not directly alter the price per ounce. Rather, their broad directives serve to rally or squelch interest in the commodity thereby increasing […]

Five Things That Moved The Price of Gold In 2017

Gold | December 27, 2017

The price of an ounce of gold surged over $125 an ounce since the start of 2017, for a roughly 9% gain.  That’s an impressive move. If you bought an ounce of gold at the beginning of the year you’ve baked in a nice return. What are a few factors that moved the price of […]

Gold’s Future in a Technological World

Gold | December 11, 2017

We often consider gold demand to be a measure of how many people want to store their wealth in a resource that’s more durable than the dollar. In reality, however, far more factors drive the price. In recent decades technology has become one increasingly influential driver. As gold prices increase, the technology sector becomes more […]