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The Ultra Rare Ram’s Horn Gold

Gold | September 9, 2019

Gold is a commodity. This means that one ounce of pure gold found in the U.S. is worth the same as one ounce of pure gold found in Russia. The value is consistent across the globe. This consistency is part of the appeal of gold. It is a fungible, meaning that it doesn’t matter if […]

Will the US Ever Be Able To Pay Its Debt?

Gold | September 5, 2019

When an individual can’t pay the mortgage on their house, the bank takes possession of the home. When a person can’t pay their car loan, the finance company repossesses the car. The U.S. government is racking up more and more debt every month, with a total of $22 trillion of debt owed today. Just like […]

5 Things to Know As Gold Bull Run Unfolds

Gold | August 28, 2019

Have you ever wondered if gold is a good investment? This is for you. 1. Gold is proving its worth as a safe-haven asset.  In today’s world of stepped-up U.S.-China trade tensions, market-moving Tweets, stock market volatility and economic uncertainty, gold is acting exactly as it should – as a safe-haven investment. Investors around the […]

Rising Inflation, Slowing Growth Bode Well for Gold

Gold | August 21, 2019

If it seems like everything is getting more expensive, you are right. In July, the core consumer price index climbed to 2.2% from a year earlier, the Labor Department reported last week. Clothing rose 0.4%, used car and truck prices surged 0.9% and prescription drug costs increased 0.4%. Planning a trip soon? Airline fares jumped […]

Who Wins In A Currency War?

Gold | August 19, 2019

Don’t look now, but the trade war is turning into a currency war. This month, the United States labeled China a “Currency Manipulator,” turning the tensions between the world’s two largest economies to a boil. U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, accused China of manipulating its currency “to gain unfair competitive advantage in international trade”. Now, […]