Gold "trophy coins" — a top 10 list of must-haves

Check out CoinWeek's list of top 10 trophy coins. What's a trophy coin? A trophy coin packs "rarity, appearance, and a great story into one neat package."

  1. 1861-D Gold Dollar: The only gold coin struck by a mint under control of Confederate forces.
  2. 1796 No Stars Quarter Eagle: Very rare and has a unique design.
  3. 1911-D Quarter Eagle: A very rare date in 20th century gold.
  4. 1875 Three Dollar: Only 20 were minted.
  5. 1795 Small Eagle Half Eagle: Considered the first American gold coin.
  6. Gem Indian Head Half Eagle: The rarest 20th-century type in Gem grade.
  7. 1795 or 1933 Eagle: These dates mark the first year of issuance and the last for the gold Eagle.
  8. Proof Liberty Head Double Eagle: Boasts rarity and beauty.
  9. 1907 High Relief Double Eagle: The most beautiful version of the most beautiful coin in U.S. history.
  10. 1915-S Pan-Pac Octagonal $50.00: Boasts an unusual octagonal shape and is the largest gold coin produced by a U.S. mint