Relax with a gold IRA for your retirement

“Retirement remains Americans’ top financial worry,” the Gallup polling organization declared on April 22.

“A firm majority of Americans, 59%, are worried about not having enough money for retirement, surpassing eight other financial matters,” it noted. “A majority of Americans have reported being ‘very’ or ‘moderately’ worried about retirement savings every year since 2001, illustrating that saving for retirement disquiets Americans in both good and bad economic times.”

CNBC, in reporting on the poll, was more direct: “Americans are freaking out about their personal savings — and for good reason. … Many people once counted on a triad of support for retirement — Social Security, personal savings, and employer-sponsored pensions. Yet in the wake of the Great Recession and a long stretch of high unemployment and stagnant wages, the once-dependable foundation has been crumbling.”

One group less worried about retirement than middle America are millionaires. And yet, even they have regrets. The top mistake many of them have made? A failure to diversify, according to a recent poll by the deVere Group, which surveyed 880 investors with investible assets of $1.5 million or more, more than 100 of whom live in the U.S.

“When asked their No. 1 investing mistake, 23% of those surveyed cited a failure to adequately diversify their portfolio,” CNBC reported.

“Spreading your money around is a vital tool to manage risk,” noted deVere CEO Nigel Green.

The lesson here? Diversify for your retirement years. That’s where a gold- or silver-back individual retirement account comes into play. Visit Blanchard’s Web site for more information on the three simple steps required to establish your own metals-backed IRA, which can include gold, silver, platinum, and even palladium.

Don’t make the mistake of failing to prepare for your retirement. That means saving, first of all, but it also means diversifying, as the millionaire poll above demonstrates. Call Blanchard and Company’s portfolio managers today to get started on building a precious-metals IRA.