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Life as a Legal Monopoly

Investment | September 23, 2018

A central bank is a legal monopoly. What exactly does this mean? It means that a central bank is an institution that has the right to print money, whereas no other bank does. Therefore, the central bank controls the money supply. They set interest rates and act as an emergency lender. In the US, the […]

The Extreme Bullish Set-Up in Paper Gold Right Now

Gold | September 12, 2018

When you stretch a rubber band too far, it snaps back in the other direction, hard and fast. That is an apt description for the paper gold market right now. In the paper gold market, when speculators sell gold, they put on “short” positions at the COMEX, the primary futures metals exchange. In the short […]

Life is Good When You’re a “Zero.”

Investment | September 9, 2018

Want to relax and enjoy life for a change? Try becoming a zero. A zero-beta asset is one that has no systematic risk. Simply put, systematic risk is the risk that’s common to all investing. Therefore, it is sometimes called “undiversifiable risk.” You cannot escape it. If you want to play the game, you have […]

Back To School: ABC’s of Investing In Gold

Investment | September 5, 2018

Attention investors: school is in session! It’s September and time for a fresh look at your portfolio. The temperatures are cooling down. The days are getting shorter. The leaves will soon change colors. The kids are loading their backpacks with books, fresh notebooks and pencils. The back to school feeling extends well beyond the school […]

Time is an Illusion, But Not if You’re an Investor

Investment | September 3, 2018

Getting in and out of the market at the right time is everything. The problem, however, is that the right time is never clear until it’s too late. Humans aren’t good at predicting outcomes. In 2001 author Robert Zuccaro famously declared that the Dow Jones Industrial Index would reach 30,000 by 2008. Today, we still […]