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The Next 30 Years in 3 Minutes

Gold | May 21, 2018

Recently the World Gold Council released a long, in-depth report offering a dimensional view of gold’s future of the next 30 years. Industry analysts, experts, and engineers gave their perspective on how our changing world will influence the value, use and availability of gold. Here, we distill their findings to the three most critical takeaways […]

Why Oil Drives Gold Prices

Gold | May 17, 2018

Understanding the correlation between oil and gold means understanding dollar-denominated assets. Any asset priced in US dollars is a dollar-denominated asset. Both oil and gold are dollar-denominated assets. Therefore, when the value of the US dollar rises, dollar-denominated assets often drop in price. Because both assets share this characteristic, the general ebb and flow of […]

Gold Bullion or Rare Coins: Which Is Right For You?

Market News | May 14, 2018

People gravitate toward gold and rare coin investing and collecting for many reasons. Maybe your father or grandfather collected coins. Or, maybe you are concerned about having too much of your retirement assets invested in the stock market. No matter what sparked your interest – the numbers back it up. Investing in gold bullion and […]

Trivia Questions For Coin Collectors: Do You Know The Answer?

Market News | May 11, 2018

Here are four new questions to challenge coin collectors in our monthly trivia column. Test your coin knowledge here. Then, let us know how you did in the comment section below!   Can you name 4 types of error coins? Error coins are prized by collectors and are often worth significantly more than the coin […]

What Place Does Gold Have in Today’s Market?

Gold | May 8, 2018

Volatility is surging back into the equities market with a vengeance. Morgan Stanley recently reported that in the first quarter of this year the S&P 500 moved at least 1% on twenty-three different trading days compared to just eight days throughout all of 2017. Increasing interest rates, fears of a trade war, and an undercurrent […]