100 Oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars (W/Assay, Types Vary)

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A simplified way to own silver

Johnson Matthey, known worldwide for its high-quality bullion products, no longer produces these silver bars. Large format bars such as these make for an economical and simplified way to acquire larger amounts of silver with a single purchase.

The 100 oz. Johnson Matthey silver bar contains 100 oz. of .999 fine silver. These bars may or may not contain a serial number and could be hand poured or struck. The obverse is tamped with Johnson Matthey’s logo, purity and weight.


Favorites for decades, silver bars have shared the same common history of being regarded as a valuable asset. They have always been, and will continue to be, a viable asset and commodity.

Bars are popular with investors as they provide a higher-quality metal in one easy transaction. They are known around the world to be a wise investment, and always having intrinsic value.

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Shipping Rates
0 – 20 oz $27
21 – 40 oz $33
41 – 60 oz $36
61 – 80 oz $42
81 – 100 oz $47
101 – 120 oz $51
101 – 120 oz $51
121 – 140 oz $54
141 – 160 oz $60
161 – 180 oz $62
181 – 200 oz $67
201 – 300 oz $82
301 – 400 oz $96
401 – 500 oz $115
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