2020 1 Oz Gold Queen’s Beast White Lion Of Mortimer Coin (BU)

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The young woman stands on a golden carpet.

A man comes forward with a great, golden mantle and lays it over her shoulders. She turns slowly around and walks toward the throne.

A solemn voice rings out:

“Receive this Imperial Robe… the Lord clothe you with the robe of righteousness, and with the garments of salvation.”

The young woman sits upon her ancient throne, and receives the orb, ring, and scepter that symbolize her faith, dignity, and mercy.

The Archbishop of her church comes forward, holding a 400-year-old crown made of solid gold.

You can’t hear a sound as he steps before the throne. He holds the crown above her head, pausing a brief moment. And then he brings the crown down slowly and places it upon her head.

As his hands lift from the throne, the people cry:




Trumpets sound. The great guns at the Tower of London fire off a 21-gun salute.

Queen Elizabeth II is crowned.

Imagine being there. If you had, you would have seen the Queen’s Beasts standing guard. Each of these heraldic beasts represented one of the strands of Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry.

In 2016, the Royal Mint began releasing gold bullion coins with designs of those coronation beasts. Each coin is superbly designed and shows the beast in its full, majestic form.



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