Building Coin Sets

A Sound Strategy for Collectors and Investors

As history shows, perhaps the best way to invest in rare coins is to do what savvy collectors do: build sets. Complete rare coin sets often sell for more than the total value of the individual coins comprising them, and such sets tend to be more liquid than collections of unrelated coins.

How to Build a Set

The two most common sets are organized around a coin type or a series. A type set includes coins sharing a specific characteristic such as design, designer, or denomination. A series set includes each date and mint of a particular coin. Sets can also be organized by the first or last year a coin was issued, die variety, historical period, mint mark, or year.

Get Expert Set-Building Assistance

Blanchard has helped more clients build profitable rare coin sets than any other investment firm. Our expert Portfolio Managers and industry-leading numismatists can assist you in:

  • Selecting an area or two of suitable opportunities
  • Developing a long-term set-building strategy
  • Creating a “want list” custom-fitted to your goals
  • Finding the right coins at the right prices
  • Contacting you when the coins you seek are located

Recommended Sets

6-Piece Double Eagle Set

This 6-piece Double Eagle set includes two of the most recognized and collected gold coin types ever struck — the Liberty and Saint-Gaudens.

8-Piece U.S. Gold Set

This 8-piece set combines the popular 4-Piece Indian Set and elegant 4-Piece Liberty Set into a single and highly diversified collection, composed of coins that circulated from the mid-1800s through 1933.

14-Piece Set

Once you have successfully completed your 8-piece set, you can build upon that collection to complete your 14-piece set. This set adds four small-denomination gold pieces, the coveted $20 Saint-Gaudens High Relief and $4 Stella to your eight coins, providing you with broad diversification for excellent long-term performance potential.

34-Piece U.S. Gold Set

This incredible collection contains all gold coins from the U.S. Mint that were intended for commerce and put into circulation. A complete sample of America’s coin history, the 34-piece set showcases how the coins evolved from 1795 to 1933.