CAC Coin Grading: The Ultimate Seal of Quality


How can you get the top 1-2% of rare coins (even if you’re on a budget)?

1922 $20 Saint Gaudens NGC MS65 CAC
1922 $20 Saint Gaudens NGC MS65 CAC

In every field, a select few represent the very best of the best. Rare coins are no exception, and Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) makes it easy to spot them at a glance.

You’re probably familiar with coin grading. The higher the better. One MS-64 Saint-Gaudens double eagle equals another, right?

Well, not quite.

Within each grade of coin, there’s actually variation. Some MS-64s are better than others. Why? Think of it like grades in school. Anything between a 93 and a 97 is an “A.” But a 97 is definitely better than a 93. And the same goes for coins.

When you invest in an NGC or PCGS-graded coin, you could be getting a “93” or a “97,” and there’s a real difference between the two.

1879 CC Morgan $1 MS62 CAC
1879 CC Morgan $1 MS62 CAC

Short of buying a loupe and investing years in becoming a coin grading expert, how are you supposed to tell the difference?

That’s where CAC coin grading comes in. The CAC was founded in 2007 by renowned numismatist John Albanese (who himself founded NGC and PCGS). CAC coins are PCGS or NGC coins that have been evaluated against an extremely high quality criteria for a specific grade.  If these coins meet CAC’s standards, which are based on the standards of today’s selective and informed buyer, they receive a green CAC sticker.

And that green CAC sticker equals much higher premiums on a coin. For example, in January, one MS-61 1805 $2½ gold coin sold for $23,325. Another MS-61 1805 $2½ gold coin sold for $33,600. That’s $10,275 more for the exact same coin of the exact same grade.

1811 $5 Capped Bust Small NGC MS63 CAC
1811 $5 Capped Bust Small NGC MS63 CAC

Imagine being the owner who sold the $33K coin. You’d be feeling pretty good about your investment right about now!

Since 1988, Blanchard has sold coins that were exclusively selected and approved by CAC founder John Albanese. We now proudly offer CAC-approved coins to guarantee future excellence within the rare coin market. You can ensure that your next purchase is truly premium quality by looking for the CAC seal. And in 2023, CAC further expanded to CACG, providing our own grading service. This means that our expertise in analyzing rare coins has grown beyond our iconic CAC sticker, providing the discerning collector an exceptional choice in rare coin grading.

We’re pleased to offer you our unmatched selection of CAC-graded coins. Want to invest in the best of the best? Buy online or give us a call at 888-782-6405 today.

CAC coins themselves represent only a small percentage of all graded coins. So buy now — you may not have the opportunity again soon.