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6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Tangible Assets


Portfolio Diversification

Gold is the ideal stock portfolio diversifier because it negatively correlates to stocks — when stocks go down, gold goes up. Precious metals and rare coins also react to different market conditions than stocks and bonds, making them attractive tools for keeping portfolios balanced through economic cycles.


Intrinsic Store of Value

One major reason investors look to precious metals and rare coins as an asset class is because they will always maintain an intrinsic value. Unlike currency or securities that only hold value hypothetically, these rarities are something physical that you can hold — and therefore hold a certain worth.


Safe Haven During Economic Crises

Bullion, investment-grade gold, and rare coins tend to outperform other investments during times of economic uncertainty. In fact, many refer to gold as the “crisis commodity” due to its excellent resilience through the most difficult periods in recent U.S. history.


Hedge Against Inflation and the U.S. Dollar

Gold in particular is renowned as a hedge against inflation. As inflation goes up, the price of gold generally goes up along with it. Gold is also bought and sold in U.S. dollars, so any decline in the value of the dollar typically increases the price of gold.


Simplified Wealth Transfer

Many trust attorneys and retirement planning professionals recommend bullion and rare coins as an efficient and discreet method of transferring wealth to the next generation.


High Demand, Limited Supply

Gold demand is outpacing supply while production is declining. Both the Chinese and Indian governments are purchasing gold in unprecedented quantities and encouraging their increasingly well-off citizens to accumulate bullion. Gold demand has also surged from central banks, which have been net buyers since 2009. All of these realities will help keep the value of this precious metal high into the foreseeable future.

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