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Tangible Assets: A Variety of Lucrative Options

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With decades of experience personally helping clients diversify their portfolios through alternative investments, Blanchard stands uniquely qualified to help you understand and wisely select the right investment options for your needs.

Gold American Eagle Coin

Gold American Eagle

Bullion (Minimum Hold Time: 1 to 3 years)

With the volatility of the stock market and other financial markets, many investors are turning to gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, fashioned into bars or ingots and minted as an investment. Bullion can also be minted into coins, which are produced for investment purposes.

Bullion maintains its value well and provides a safe, portable, private, and convenient way to buy and hold precious metals. It is also among the most liquid investments. Thousands of banks, brokerage firms, and coin dealers make a two-way market in major bullion coins, which can be readily sold for current market value. This liquidity is further enhanced by the fact that bullion coins are legal tender of their issuing country.

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$20 gold Liberty coin

$20 Liberty

Investment Grade Gold (Minimum Hold Time: 1 to 3 years)

Bullion investors who want to diversify their gold holdings for security, privacy, and profit often move to investment-grade gold coins. The U.S. government minted these coins from 1838 to 1933. Two significant government melting events made these coins rare — and now make them excellent long-term numismatic investments.

Investment grade gold coins, similar in size to the 1-ounce gold American Eagle, have significantly outperformed bullion and have held their value during periods when the gold prices dropped, delivering more than a 300% return on investment over the last decade. They are also beautiful national historic treasures, with high ongoing demand from the collector market.

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$10 Gold Indian coin

$10 Indian

Mint State Coins (Minimum Hold Time: 2 to 5 years)

Minted from 1890 through 1933, these numismatic rarities provide the ideal stepping stone for investors who seek growth potential beyond investment-grade gold, but who are not yet ready to enter the rare coins market.

Mint-state coins differ from investment-grade coins in that they are uncirculated. They are also more scarce than investment-grade coins, and they offer greater long-term growth potential and more appeal to coin collectors. Since their supply is so limited, even small changes in demand can significantly influence value.

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$3 Gold Certified MS64 coin

Three Dollar Gold Certified MS64

Rare Coins (Minimum Hold Time: at least 5 years)

Proof gold coins, better date coins, key date gold, and condition census rarities comprise the highest-level numismatic rarities on the market today. Historically, these ultra-rare tangible assets have produced the highest long-term returns for investors. Similar to fine works of art, the value of rare coins is driven ever upward by the condition of extreme scarcity and condition.

When you’re ready to pursue these lucrative long-term investments, please contact us and we’ll apply our singular expertise toward executing the best possible rare coins investment strategy for you.

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