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4 Lessons from 2020

Gold | January 27, 2021
Looking back on 2020 – it was an unprecedented year in so many ways. Yet, in other ways, we saw recurring themes that we’ve seen throughout history. Black Swan Events Can Happen Anytime Rewind 12 month ago – back to early 2020 – the economy was strong and the stock market was climbing. Sure we’d…

Bitcoin at All Time Highs – What’s Next?

Featured | January 20, 2021
Bitcoin climbed nearly 40% since the start of 2021 – breaking through the $40,000 mark. That was followed by a quick 10% slip the last two days, falling below the $32,000 level. This highlights the wild volatility of cryptocurrencies. The escalating, hyperbolic, surge in Bitcoin has all the markings of a FOMO rally. That’s a…

Third Time’s a Charm

Market News | January 19, 2021
It took Congress three separate attempts – over a span of nearly 60 years – to approve the striking of a 2-cent coin. The First Attempt In the spring of 1806, Senator Uriah Tracy from Connecticut first introduced legislation to authorize the U.S. Mint to strike a two-cent coin. Not everyone liked the idea. Concerned…

Meet Me in St. Louis: The 1903 Louisiana Purchase Exposition Gold Dollar

Market News | January 18, 2021
Many people forget how much of history is governed by chance. There is no better example of this than the circumstances leading up to the Louisiana Purchase. This enormous part of the U.S. passed through several owners before finally becoming a part of the nation’s identity. Originally, the 530-million-acre section of land was owned by…

Bitcoin Captures Imagination of Future Space Tourists

Featured | January 13, 2021
What do an NFL player’s salary and paying for a hotel on Mars have in common? The unlikely answer is Bitcoin. Tech billionaire Elon Musk recently said any future economy on Mars could run on cryptocurrency. But wait…will that cryptocurrency be Bitcoin? No sir. In fact, Musk suggested it could be the cryptocurrencies Dogecoin or…

The Blanchard Difference

The Premier Authority on Precious Metals and Rare Coins


Unmatched Industry and Market Expertise

Blanchard continues to lead the industry with the most talented and experienced team of precious metals and numismatic experts. This expertise is readily available to help you enhance and protect wealth through the strategic acquisition of tangible assets.


Advisors You Can Trust to Do the Right Thing

We stake our business on being honest, open and forthright with every client, and we take pride in our reputation for integrity. Our commitment to doing the right thing includes a 100% buyback guarantee to purchase your investment back at any time.


Driven by Your Long-Term Success

There are no single transactions here. With our consultative approach to service, we aim to develop long-term relationships that help you achieve sustained financial success. Throughout your Blanchard experience, a dedicated portfolio manager will be assigned to you to advocate in your best interest.

Moves Independently from Traditional Securities

Gold is a physical asset, meaning you own something you can hold that has inherent value. In contrast, stocks are equities that signify partial ownership in the issuing company, with no inherent value.

Gold is also among the most negatively correlated assets to stocks -when stocks go down, gold prices go up. That is why we strongly recommend allocating up to 20% of your overall financial portfolio to precious metals and rare coins.


An Ideal Way to Mitigate Risk

Every sound investment strategy should include limited high-risk growth investments offset by less vulnerable and easily liquid holdings. As this risk pyramid demonstrates, gold is safer and more liquid than even cash, providing a stable foundation for building a well-balanced portfolio.

Gold vs stock chart

Gold vs Stocks Since 2001

This conservative investment offers the highest short-term returns. One-ounce gold bullion coins minted by the U.S Mint move dollar-for-dollar with the spot gold price. Investment grade gold, also known as “bullion with muscle” offers the same benefits as bullion but with higher profit potential.

This graph shows a 2001 investment in gold bullion had grown 331% as of 12/31/16. That same investment in S&P 500 stocks grew only 72% over the same period of time.

If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it. To capitalize fully on the portfolio diversification strengths of alternative investments, make sure your assets are tangible.

Other Gold Securities

  • Mining shares are stocks that let you invest in gold indirectly through partial ownership in the companies that mine this precious metal. They hold no inherent value.

  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) perform based on gold market value. They are structured like an index fund but traded like a stock on an exchange, again holding no inherent value.

Gold, ETFs and Mining Shares: A Comparison



  • A physical holding with inherent value
  • Hedges against paper stocks volatility
  • Balances portfolio performance
  • Protects against bank failures
  • Private, with minimal reporting requirements
  • Great liquidity; considered a currency
  • Nominal spreads


  • Must be physically held, stored and secured
  • Must be purchased from reputable vendor to ensure quality and security


  • Easy way to trade on gold prices
  • Can be part of a larger account for diversification purposes
  • Can buy and sell quickly
  • Good choice for short investment horizons
  • Private with minimal reporting requirements
  • Great liquidity; considered a currency
  • Nominal spreads


  • A paper stock; holds no inherent value
  • Susceptible to exploration risks and geological/meteorological challenges
Mining Shares


  • High risk, with high potentail rewards
  • Can buy and sell quickly


  • A paper stock; holds no inherent value
  • Susceptible to exploration risks and geological/meteorological challenges
  • High reporting requirements
  • Prone to leadership or human resources issues

Diversifying Within Gold: Our Proven Strategy

Realize the Highest Long-Term Return on Investment

Through decades of research and experience helping clients invest wisely in gold, we’ve identified an asset allocation strategy within gold that offers the best performance after five years.

Investment Pyramid

The Ideal Gold Assets Balance

The typical Blanchard investor begins with a short-term gold bullion investment. Next, most eventually step up to more aggressive gold holdings with higher long-term profit potential. After you set aside approximately 20% of your portfolio for tangible assets, we strongly recommend you begin working toward this ideal asset balance within your gold holdings:

Gold Bullion Coins or Investment Grade Gold: 30% – 40%

This conservative investment offers the highest short-term returns. One-ounce gold bullion coins minted by the U.S. Mint move dollar-for-dollar with the spot gold price. Investment grade gold, also known as “bullion with muscle,” offers the same benefits as bullion but with higher profit potential.

Recommended Coins:

Mint State Gold: 15% – 20%

This moderately aggressive investment offers fast growth potential and high returns over the medium term. U.S. Gold coins minted between 1890 and 1933 bridge the gap between bullion/investment grade coins and rare coins.

Rare Coins: 30% – 40%

This aggressive investment has historically produced the highest long-term investor returns. Very limited supply means demand can catapult prices at any time.

Tangible Assets: A Variety of Lucrative Options

We’ll Help You Choose from the Following

With decades of experience personally helping clients diversify their portfolios through alternative investments, Blanchard stands uniquely qualified to help you understand and wisely select the right investment options for your needs.

Gold American Eagle Coin

Gold American Eagle

Bullion (Minimum Hold Time: 1 to 3 years)

With the volatility of the stock market and other financial markets, many investors are turning to gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, fashioned into bars or ingots and minted as an investment. Bullion can also be minted into coins, which are produced for investment purposes.

Bullion maintains its value well and provides a safe, portable, private and convenient way to buy and hold precious metals. It is also among the most liquid investments. Thousands of banks, brokerage firms and coin dealers make a two-way market in major bullion coins, which can be readily sold for current market value. This liquidity is further enhanced by the fact that bullion coins are legal tender of their issuing country.

Order Gold Bullion
$20 gold Liberty coin

$20 Liberty

Investment Grade Gold (Minimum Hold Time: 1 to 3 years)

Bullion investors who want to diversify their gold holdings for security, privacy and profit often move to investment grade gold coins. The U.S. government minted these coins from 1838 to 1933. Two significant government melting events made these coins rare — and now make them excellent long-term numismatic investments.

Investment grade gold coins, similar in size to the 1 ounce gold American Eagle, have significantly outperformed bullion and have held their value during periods when the gold prices dropped, delivering more than a 300% return on investment over the last decade. They are also beautiful national historic treasures, with high ongoing demand from the collector market.

Order Investment Grade Gold
$10 Gold Indian coin

$10 Indian

Mint State Coins (Minimum Hold Time: 2 to 5 years)

Minted from 1890 through 1933, these numismatic rarities provide the ideal stepping stone for investors who seek growth potential beyond investment grade gold, but who are not yet ready to enter the rare coins market.

Mint state coins differ from investment grade coins in that they are uncirculated. They are also more scarce than investment grade coins, and they offer greater long-term growth potential and more appeal to coin collectors. Since their supply is so limited, even small changes in demand can significantly influence value.

To order: call 1.866.764.9135

$3 Gold Certified MS64 coin

Three Dollar Gold Certified MS64

Rare Coins (Minimum Hold Time: at least 5 years)

Proof gold coins, better date coins, key date gold and condition census rarities comprise the highest-level numismatic rarities on the market today. Historically, these ultra-rare tangible assets have produced the highest long-term returns for investors. Similar to fine works of art, the value of rare coins is driven ever upward by the condition of extreme scarcity and condition.

When you’re ready to pursue these lucrative long-term investments, please contact us and we’ll apply our singular expertise toward executing the best possible rare coins investment strategy for you.

To order: call 1.866.764.9135

6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Tangible Assets


Portfolio Diversification

Gold is the ideal stock portfolio diversifier, because it negatively correlates to stocks — when stocks go down, gold goes up. Precious metals and rare coins also react to different market conditions than stocks and bonds, making them attractive tools for keeping portfolios balanced through economic cycles.


Intrinsic Store of Value

One major reason investors look to precious metals and rare coins as an asset class is because they will always maintain an intrinsic value. Unlike currency or securities that only hold value hypothetically, these rarities are something physical that you can hold — and therefore hold a certain worth.


Safe Haven During Economic Crises

Bullion, investment grade gold and rare coins tend to outperform other investments during times of economic uncertainty. In fact, many refer to gold as the “crisis commodity” due to its excellent resilience through the most difficult periods in recent U.S. history.


Hedge Against Inflation and the U.S. Dollar

Gold in particular is renowned as a hedge against inflation. As inflation goes up, the price of gold generally goes up along with it. Gold is also bought and sold in U.S. dollars, so any decline in the value of the dollar typically increases the price of gold.


Simplified Wealth Transfer

Many trust attorneys and retirement planning professionals recommend bullion and rare coins as an efficient and discreet method of transferring wealth to the next generation.


High Demand, Limited Supply

Gold demand is outpacing supply while production is declining. Both the Chinese and Indian governments are purchasing gold in unprecedented quantities and encouraging their increasingly well-off citizens to accumulate bullion. Gold demand has also surged from central banks, which have been net buyers since 2009. All of these realities will help keep the value of this precious metal high into the foreseeable future.

Enhance, Protect and Diversify Now

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