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High New Work Investors

6 Mistakes High Net Worth Investors Make

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Traditional economic theory is based on the idea that investors make rational decisions. However, humans are emotional beings, which means investment decisions can sometimes be driven by emotional factors. Indeed, the latest Capgemini World Wealth Report 2024 discovered that 65% of high net worth individuals are influenced by behavioral finance biases when making investment decisions—especially during emotional life events such as marriage, divorce and retirement. Throughout their lifetime, investors make many decisions including whether to ... >> Read More        
1799 Funeral Metal

An American Treasure: 1799 Funeral Medals Honored George Washington

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Following President George Washington's death on December 14, 1799 at Mount Vernon at the age of 67, the entire nation went into a deep state of mourning. With his passing, Washington transcended into a truly legendary American hero, and today schoolchildren are still taught in great detail about the Father of Our Country—the Revolutionary War general who became the first president of the United States of America. In the days after his death, local governments ... >> Read More        
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Americans Tighten Their Belts: Weaker-Than-Expected Retail Sales

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Amid high inflation and high interest rates, Americans kept a tighter grip on their wallets this spring and cut back on discretionary spending, which could have big repercussions for the economy ahead. In May, retail sales came in weaker-than-expected at 0.1%, the Commerce Department reported. That is well below expectations for a 0.3% increase. What's more the government downward revised April's retail sales data to show a 0.2% decline. Gold swung from negative to positive ... >> Read More        
obverse and reverse Roman Empire Galba Aureus

10 Rare Ancient Roman Coins That Collectors Are Dreaming Of

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From portraits of powerful emperors to depictions of mythological figures, it is easy to see why Roman coinage captivates numismatists. While the world of Roman numismatics is vast and complex, navigating its intricacies is made simpler with our list highlighting gold and silver rare Roman coins’ value and history. This piece will discuss: The most valuable rare Roman coins. The factors contributing to the rarity of Roman coinage. Sourcing gold rare Roman coins online. Watch ... >> Read More        
American flag

The U.S. Economy and Gold: 3 Things to Watch in Second Half of 2024

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Heading into the second half of 2024, the U.S. economy is slowing down, inflation is still above the Federal Reserve's target rate, and gold has climbed to a series of new record highs. As investors look ahead, here are three factors to consider as you position your portfolio for the changing macroeconomic landscape. Making History: Interest Payments on National Debt Set to Exceed Defense Spending The U.S. National Debt continues its onward march higher and ... >> Read More        
1854-O $10 Liberty SS Republic Large Date NGC AU55

SS Republic Shipwreck Gold Coins

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With a storied history that spans both military and commercial endeavors, the SS Republic holds a prominent place in American maritime history. Despite the ship’s tragic demise, its legacy remains strong today through the artifacts discovered among its wreckage, such as the SS Republic shipwreck coins. This piece will delve into the historical significance of the SS Republic and the treasures it left behind, discussing: Interesting facts about the iconic SS Republic ship. The valuable ... >> Read More        

Fed Fails to Deliver While Investors Turn to Gold in 2024

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Don't Count on the Fed: Protect Your Personal Economy with Gold As expected, the Federal Reserve held its benchmark interest rate at a 23-year high at the close of today's central bank meeting. The fed funds rate stands at 5.25%-5.50% as inflation continues to hold a tight grip on the U.S. economy. From 2022 until 2023, the fed hiked interest rates 11 times in an attempt to tame runaway inflation. To date, the Fed has ... >> Read More        
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Gold Dips On Hotter Than Expected Jobs Report

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Gold dipped lower following a stronger-than-expected May U.S. employment report. The U.S. economy generated 272,000 new jobs in May, well above consensus estimates for 180,000 new jobs. Average hourly earnings rose 0.4% in May, also above the 0.3% consensus forecast. Meanwhile, the overall May unemployment rate increased to 4.0% from 3.9% in April. That marked the highest level since January 2022. Traders sold gold following the report as the strength in the labor market reduces ... >> Read More        
Gold on American dollar bills

Consumer Confidence Plummets, New Home Sales Sink

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While April showers may bring cheery May flowers, U.S. consumers took a decidedly more dour approach to their finances and the economy this spring. Consumer confidence and new home sales data revealed widening cracks in the economy amid still-high interest rates and elevated inflation. Gold continues to trade to ever-higher levels in 2024 and hit another new record high in May climbing above $2,400 an ounce. Investors are turning to gold in droves, piling into ... >> Read More        
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Trump Tax Cuts Expire After 2025: Are You Ready?

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As the presidential election starts to heat up, expect to hear more about taxes on the campaign trail this summer and fall. Why? There are potentially sweeping tax law changes on the horizon. Most Americans have paid lower income taxes since 2018, due to former President Donald Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Yet, many of these tax breaks are set to expire next year, unless Congress acts. The 2017 tax law temporarily ... >> Read More