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Monday Morning Wrap Up

Featured | March 30, 2020

A message from David Beahm President and CEO   Coronavirus Tidal Wave Still Gaining Strength Like a massive tidal wave, the coronavirus continues to splash and hit every aspect of our lives. The tsunami that is COVID-19 is still gaining strength out in the ocean. This wave has not yet fully hit the shores of […]

Every Action Has a Consequence

Gold | March 25, 2020

Unprecedented times lead to extraordinary measures. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc upon the U.S. economy, the stock market and even the integrity of the financial system itself as lending freezes up. The Fed is attacking this crisis in full force. While the Fed’s actions may be necessary, they will have consequences. Let us […]


Investment | March 22, 2020

A message from David Beahm President and CEO   Depression Ahead? The streets are eerily quiet. Traffic jams are non-existent. A record 75 million Americans are under lockdown or shelter in place orders this Monday morning as the government goes all out in the fight against the COVID-19 health crisis. Experts agree this is the […]

Zero Hour: Three Reasons to Consider Gold During a Federal Reserve Rate Cut

Gold | March 17, 2020

On Sunday the Federal Reserve cut the benchmark interest rate by one percentage point. The result is a near zero rate representing a new economic reality characterized by diminished confidence and near-term fears. This move is just one of several actions designed to buoy financial support and confidence as global health concerns rise. Less than […]

Can Fed’s big-gun response work?

Gold | March 16, 2020

We woke up to a Monday like no other. Daily life around the world is grinding to a halt as the virus crisis spreads. The Federal Reserve stepped in on Sunday with a dramatic, all-out attack on the growing economic and health crisis spurred by COVID-19. In the second emergency rate cut this month, the […]