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Q: What is my coin worth? How do I get it accurately appraised?

A: The value depends on factors such as coin type, condition and whether it is loose or “slabbed,” but there are many ways to receive a quote.

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The investment performance of Gold and Rare U.S. Coins

Lessons Learned From the Great Depression and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Market News | March 29, 2017

It may be a foreign thought that at one point American’s weren’t allowed to own gold. But, as recently as 1973, the American government banned individual gold ownership. Here is the story of how that unfolded. It was a time of panic and fear. In 1933, the Great Depression had triggered a severe banking crisis. […]

Equities Finally Dive as Investors Move to Precious Metals

Gold | March 28, 2017

Last week was not a good week for US equities, to say the least. Tuesday saw the first intraday decline of more than 1% since the beginning of the year. After a record breaking period of low volatility and market complacency, investors were rapidly caught off guard when the major benchmark indices in the US […]

Is Your Portfolio Ready for the Second Half “Fade”?

Investment | March 27, 2017

Is the equity market bull beginning to crack? Last week, on March 21, the S&P 500 experienced its first 1%+ closing decline since October as the market tumbled 1.25% at the final bell and dragged 10 if its 11 sectors down with it. There is a growing chorus on analysts on Wall Street who are […]

Two “Outside” Markets Gold Investors Should Watch

Investment | March 23, 2017

There is an old saying among traders: No market trades in a vacuum. Just like economies are interrelated in today’s global economy, various markets rise and fall and impact each other. If you are investing in gold, there are two other markets you could consider keeping an eye on as well. These two markets can […]

How Gold Avoids The Market Psychology Undermining Equities

Gold | March 22, 2017

Amid continued outperformance, everyone is asking the same question: Can stocks go higher? Many believe they can, in fact, continue their ascent. The problem? This growth is widely thought to come from investor euphoria rather than sound, long-term fundamentals. “The market’s not really worth more, but exuberant buyers will chase shares higher anyway,” theorizes The […]

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