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Fort Knox Gold

Internet Conspiracy Theories Abound About Fort Knox Gold

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From time to time conspiracy theories arise on social media and internet chat boards about the gold in Fort Knox. According to official records, the United States of America has the largest gold reserves by a long shot. No other country even comes close. Today, questions are swirling around the Internet again about our nation's gold reserves. So we dig into some of the facts to let you decide what you think. There is fascinating ... >> Read More        
1783 Carlos III 8 Reales

8 Most Desired El Cazador Shipwreck Coins

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When it comes to shipwrecks, few have had as profound an impact on shaping America's history as El Cazador. This vessel's story is not just one of maritime tragedy, but also of the extraordinary treasure it carried and the ripple effects of its loss. This piece will delve into the remarkable coin discoveries from this legendary vessel, exploring El Cazador shipwreck coin value, as well as: The captivating history of El Cazador. The consequences of ... >> Read More        
2023 King Charles III Gold Proof Coronation Sovereign

King Charles III Coronation Sovereign Proof

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The coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023 was a seminal event in world history. The British monarchy had not crowned a new monarch since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1953. Many British subjects had lived their entire lives during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, until she passed in September of 2022. The coronation took place at Westminster Abbey in London, as was typical of these important celebrations. It ... >> Read More        
1857 Flying Eagle

Copper Shortage Paves Way for Small Flying Eagle Cent

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The Flying Eagle Cent, a perennially popular coin among collectors, has its origins in a copper shortage in the U.S. in the 1850s. While copper has a rich history and was first used in coins around 8000 B.C.—in the United States in the 1850s—copper mining had yet to reach its heyday. Compare these numbers for perspective. In 1845, copper production totaled a mere 13 tons in Michigan (the largest copper producer in America at the ... >> Read More        
1884 Indian Head

How to Identify Rare Coins: Your Ultimate Checklist

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Stumbling upon a potentially rare coin unexpectedly can be thrilling for collectors. Nevertheless, discerning rarity is no easy feat. This determination hinges on various factors that necessitate going beyond surface assessment, prompting a nuanced exploration of the coin's characteristics. This article aims to answer the question “How do you find out if you have a rare coin?”, focusing on: Signs for spotting rare coins. Illustrative cases of rare coin identification. Tips for owners of rare ... >> Read More        
Atocha Shipwreck

The Intriguing Story Behind the Nuestra Señora de Atocha Coins

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Of the many shipwrecks in history, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha stands out as one of the most important because of its remarkable legacy. This renowned vessel's tale of loss and rediscovery has captured the imagination of countless adventurers, historians and numismatists alike. Among its treasures, the Atocha shipwreck coins hold a special allure that this piece will explore, delving into: The history of this Spanish galleon. The significance of the coins recovered from the ... >> Read More        
Ancient greek coin

The World’s 8 Largest and Most Famous Coin Hoards Discovered to Date

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Avid coin enthusiasts will undoubtedly be familiar with the euphoria of stumbling upon a rare piece. This feeling, however, pales in comparison to the exhilarating sensation of unearthing an entire coin hoard. These hoards narrate captivating stories of bygone eras, encapsulating fortunes and monetary relics carefully preserved through time. This article explores the most renowned coin hoard discoveries globally, including the largest coin hoard ever found in the US, focusing on: The practice, history, and ... >> Read More        
2024 Presidential Election buttons

Presidential Election 2024: It’s the Economy, Stupid

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Back in 1992, the U.S. was mired in a recession. Bill Clinton was mounting a presidential campaign to take the White House. And, incumbent president George HW Bush was seen as out of touch with the needs of everyday Americans. A Clinton advisor became famous for the phrase: "It's the economy, stupid." Indeed, the Clinton campaign highlighted the failing economy at every turn and won the White House, perhaps in part due to that strategy ... >> Read More        
1923 Halfpenny

The Most Valuable Australian Rare Coins List and Value

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While the United States stands as a pioneer in numismatics, boasting a treasure trove of incredibly diverse rare pieces, the global landscape of rare coin collecting extends far beyond its borders. Venturing into international numismatic territory, this piece aims to provide readers with a most valuable rare Australian coins list and value insights, highlighting: Noteworthy high-value Australian coins. The historical and cultural nuances of these iconic coins. Prime online sources for the best quality rare ... >> Read More        
Gold bars and gold coins

Gold Hits New Record High in March. Here’s Why

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The price of gold climbed to a new all-time record high in March. Voracious buying from Chinese citizens and expectations for Federal Reserve interest rate cuts in the back half of the year helped fuel the latest run-up in gold. Also, investors around the globe continue to pile into safe-haven assets like precious metals to protect themselves in a world increasingly filled with military turmoil, economic instability and political uncertainty. Gold extends its record run ... >> Read More