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Monday Morning Wrap Up – September 28, 2020

Political risks are rising. The stock market sank last week as the September sell-off continues, with technology stocks leading the way down. The Nasdaq 100 has plunged 12% since September 2nd. The FAANG stocks, which include Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (Google) have tumbled 15%. The S&P 500 has dropped 9% so far in September. The stock market is lurching lower amid the growing uncertainty over the state of the economy, worries over the ... >> Read More        
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“What happens if….” Trump Wins in a Landslide

Over the next six weeks, we present to you an in-depth Blanchard exclusive Presidential Election series. Please join us each week as we cover six hypothetical scenarios and detail potential outcomes for the economy, geopolitics, the stock market and precious metals if these scenarios unfold. We invite your comments, questions and insights below in this interactive event. Trump Sweeps! It's election night November 3, 2020. Millions of Americans are anxiously glued to their television sets ... >> Read More        
David Beahm Blanchard CEO

Monday Morning Wrap Up – September 21, 2020

Are you ready for October? Crash month. It's right around the corner. October often triggers fear and panic among investors as memories of the 1929 and 1987 market crashes come alive. Indeed, history is littered with downright scary moves in October. Remember the 554-point drop on October 27, 1997? Don't forget Friday the 13th in 1989. More recently, the Dow crashed 18.2% in October 2008 (1,874 points). Investors are rightly concerned that the recent tech-led ... >> Read More        
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The Fed is Making History

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Blanchard Fed Report: September 2020 Not only for its unprecedented 0% interest rate and money printing policies, but because it is creating one of the most positive environments for gold that we have seen in modern history. Today, we saw another Federal Reserve meeting. And, yes, another reason to buy gold and silver.   The Fed kept its benchmark interest rate at zero percent today.   That was expected.   Yet, the more we listen ... >> Read More        
David Beahm Blanchard CEO

Monday Morning Wrap Up – September 14, 2020

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High-flying tech stocks fall fast. Warning: volatility lies ahead! Football is back, children are in school (or on Zoom classes), a chill is felt in the morning air and in some parts of the country the leaves are beginning to turn yellow, red and brown in Mother Nature's stunning fall display. Yet, despite this small sense of the new normal, the stock market cratered last week in a topsy-turvy week in which investors dumped high-flying ... >> Read More        
Gold and the Monte Carlo Simulation

Gold and The Monte Carlo Simulation

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How do you plan for uncertainty? This question has plagued investors since the beginning of time. Moreover, it is an inherent challenge for most people attempting to build their long-term wealth because outpacing inflation means making your money grow with equities, bonds, or commodities, all of which represent levels of uncertainty. The problem, however, is more specific than mere uncertainty. After all, investors expect occasional drops in the value of their assets. The serious problem ... >> Read More        
David Beahm Blanchard CEO

Weekly Wrap Up – September 8, 2020

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The origins of Labor Day may surprise you. For many Americans, Labor Day marks a day off from work –  a traditional end of summer rite of passage marked by backyard barbecues, street parades (pre-pandemic of course), parties and fireworks. As we witness history in 2020 unfold, with new protests this weekend at the Kentucky Derby and elsewhere, we offer perspective to reflect back on what was occurring in our nation just over 125 years ... >> Read More        
3 Trends That Underpin Silver in 2019

What’s Next for Silver’s Meteoric Rally in 2020

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Silver defied gravity in 2020 – outperforming even gold – during this historic rush into precious metals. Getting a late start to the precious metals rally is not unusual historically, according to well-respected independent commodities research firm – CPM Group, founded in 1986 via a management acquisition of the Commodities Research Group at Goldman Sachs. After trading as low as $12.13 an ounce in March, the silver rally gained tremendous steam in the summer months, ... >> Read More        
David Beahm Blanchard CEO

Monday Morning Wrap Up – August 31, 2020

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Trust in Money. As summer winds down, the case for gold diversification grows stronger every day. Wells Fargo's Head of Real Asset Strategy John LaForge outlined in a research note to clients on Aug. 24 the factors that drove gold up 35% in 2020. They are: low long-term interest rates excessive global money printing a weakening U.S. dollar The fourth reason he states might be shocking to some: distrust in the global monetary system. Here's ... >> Read More        
Why The Next Gold Rush Will Not Require a Drill

Why The Next Gold Rush Will Not Require a Drill

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The recent surge in gold prices has reinvigorated the conversation about sourcing gold from a lesser explored source: e-waste. Consider that every year the world manufactures electronics which, in total, contain $21 billion worth of gold and silver according to the United Nations University, a global think tank. Moreover, the same research shows that less than 15% of these precious metals are recovered after the electronics are discarded. As the global appetite for electronics increases, ... >> Read More