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How to Store Gold and Other Precious Metals

Multiple Options to Meet Your Needs

Once you have your tangible assets, what do you do next? Some store them in a home safe or bank safety deposit box. Others need absolute security and discretion. For those clients, we partner with two renowned third-party storage facilities.

Add Gold to Your IRA

Add Gold to Your IRA

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The Blanchard Difference

The Blanchard Difference

More than 450,000 investors have chosen to acquire their tangible assets through us.


Home/Business Storage

Many clients choose to store their precious metals in a fireproof home or business safe. This is particularly popular for less bulky items such as gold bullion and rare coins, and where overall value is somewhat limited. It is not a great choice for storing silver, as it is both heavy and bulky. If you choose to store your holdings at home, consider insuring them against theft or damage.

  • Strengths: 24/7 access to your holdings, with easy withdrawal and transfer to others
  • Considerations: Least secure; not a good fit for large-dollar-value or bulk silver holdings

Bank Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes offer an affordable, secure and convenient method of storing your holdings. Most banks are not set up to handle large quantities of bulk silver, however. Safe deposit boxes are also not insured by the FDIC or most personal insurance, so you may want to consider insuring them separately.

  • Strengths: Safer from theft than a home safe; a better choice for high-value holdings
  • Considerations: Access is limited to bank hours, and if box holder passes away, holdings will be frozen by the IRS until estate is settled

Secure and Private Domestic Storage

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Security Center is one of the most technologically advanced private depositories in the U.S. Blanchard shipments can be sent directly to a vault box at this facility, eliminating the need for you to receive these deliveries or find suitable storage. This facility provides bulk storage of silver. 

The Security Center is an extremely secure facility, but it does not insure client deposits, so you may want to consider opening an insurance policy of your own.

  • Strengths: Similar security to banks, but much more private since holdings are outside the banking system and required government reporting; a smart estate planning choice
  • Considerations: Requires self-insurance; more expensive for storage and insurance vs. safe deposit boxes

International Storage: the Ultimate in Privacy and Professionalism

We partner with International Depository Services (IDS) of Canada, a full-service precious metals depository in Toronto. IDS stores tangible assets in an international personal custody account off depository balance sheets and beyond the reach of the U.S. government and regulatory agencies, with no data shared outside the facility. This gives you absolute control over who knows about your tangible assets. IDS also stores bulk silver.

IDS is the most expensive storage option, but it is also the most professional, with the most comprehensive suite of services. IDS is fully insured, assigns a named account to every client, audits itself regularly and issues quarterly statements. This is the preferred storage option for high-net-worth individuals, corporations, trust funds, hedge funds and other entities that require the highest degrees of professionalism and auditing capabilities. It is also the best option for storing large quantities of bulk silver. 

Moving your precious metals to this private, non-U.S. facility outside the U.S. adds an extra layer of portfolio protection, reducing your exposure to the economic conditions of any single country. IDS securely ships holdings to any destination in the world served by Fed Ex or Brinks, including other depositories or financial institutions.

  • Strengths: Highest level of privacy  and most professional suite of services on the market; a wise choice for non-U.S. residents and those looking to mitigate geopolitical risk 
  • Considerations: Most expensive option for storage and insurance, but many investors see superior value in the comprehensiveness and professionalism of services provided
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