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Gold: The Ideal Complement to Stocks

Moves Independently from Traditional Securities

The primary difference between gold and traditional U.S. stocks is that gold is considered a commodity, meaning you own something physical that has eternal inherent value. In contrast, stocks are equities that signify partial ownership in the issuing company. When that company performs well, demand for its shares rises, as does stock value. The stocks themselves have no inherent value.

Gold vs. Stocks: a 12-Year Comparison

Had you invested $10,000 in gold bullion in 2001, your initial investment would have grown to $62,484 by 12/31/12: an incredible 524% percent increase. That same $10,000 investment in stocks of the S&P index would have gained $2,294. That’s only a 22.9% increase. Which return on investment would you prefer?

gold_vs _stock _2

An Ideal Means of Mitigating Risk

Every sound investment strategy includes limited high-risk growth investments offset by less vulnerable and easily liquid holdings. As this risk pyramid demonstrates, gold and other precious metals are safer and more liquid than even cash, providing investors with a broad, stable foundation on which to build a well-balanced portfolio.  


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