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David Beahm Live from the Forex Analysis Room

Straight from the Forex Analysis Room, listen as longtime, popular FXstreet.com contributor Dale Pinkert interviews Blanchard’s executive vice president of operations, David Beahm. In a lively discussion about the history of gold, today’s crucial gold market news and how geopolitics are affecting current and future market prospects, Beahm and Pinkert dig into some of the most challenging issues investors face today.

Beahm covers key investment strategies and discusses how investing in gold and other precious metals can provide effective wealth management and portfolio protection in fluctuating economic environments. He also considers the current state of the U.S. market, as well as events occurring in China, Japan, Iran, Europe and elsewhere, applying a global perspective to what appears to be a promising gold market outlook. | More


Blanchard’s Doyle Sees Gold Floor at $1,200

Analysts at major U.S precious metals coin and bullion dealers Blanchard and Company reckon that the current gold market presents a buying opportunity at a time when equities are experiencing all-time highs. "Gold had a tough year on the charts, but we think the current inflated market in equities offers investors a great chance to buy or add to their precious metals holdings at levels that are undervalued at best," says Donald W. Doyle, Blanchard chairman and CEO. "When the stock market starts setting new records every day, it's smart to have diversification and a safety net, and gold offers both." | More


U.S. August Gold Coin Sales Fall to 6-Year Low

"Investors are concerned about what’s going to happen to the stock market if a war does break out over in Syria. Gold is one of the few assets that provides safety during times like this," said David Beahm, vice president of New Orleans-based retail coin dealer Blanchard & Co. His gold coin sales in the second half of August were about 40% higher than in the first two weeks. | More

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Why Now Is the Time to Buy Gold

"We think physical gold is the best way of valuing what you have," Blanchard and Company Vice President David Beahm told MainStreet, part of TheStreet's financial-news network. "You own it, you hold it. You don't worry about third-party risk. … We are very bullish on gold." | More


U.S. Gold Coin Sales Plunge in August as Retail Buying Fades

"If gold is just moving $10 here and there, it is not going generate a lot of buying interest," said David Beahm, vice president of New Orleans-based retail coin dealer Blanchard & Co. "However, it doesn't take much for gold prices to go a lot higher," Beahm said, adding that could reignite coin buying. | More


Gold Ends Higher; Silver Scores 14% Weekly Jump

"Historically, gold always moves upwards in August," said David Beahm, executive vice president at precious-metals investment firm Blanchard & Co., adding that prices Thursday saw a big increase due to huge physical demand.

"Even though gold has fallen 30% since its all-time high, the metal is up over 15% since its lows earlier this year," he said. "During the time of the fall in price, Blanchard never saw a decrease in demand" and it expects gold to break through $1,400 within the next 30 days and finish the year around $1,500. "I do not think gold will finish the year in the positive, but we were due after 12 straight years of gains," said Beahm. | More


Gold Futures Gain for Fifth Session in Six

"Gold is way oversold," said David Beahm, executive vice president at precious-metals investment firm Blanchard & Co. "That, paired with Bernanke's comments last week which were remarkably different from his comments he made two weeks ago, are bullish for gold. … It is clear that the United States economy is not as healthy as the Fed chairman had hoped for and this will lead to more quantitative easing," said Beahm. "The tapering will likely not begin until 2014 and rates will remain low for a long time after that." | More


Gold Adds Over $20 After ECB Cuts Interest Rates

"The more quantitative easing, the weaker the dollar becomes and gold will benefit from these economic policies," said David Beahm, executive vice president at precious-metal investment firm Blanchard & Co. | More


Gold ETF Posts Record Outflow in April, U.S. Coin Sales Spike

New Orleans-based retail coin dealer Blanchard & Co. said huge demand from both new and existing clients boosted its April American Eagle gold coin sales up 400 percent versus March's. | More


Gold Ends Lower as Dollar Gains; Copper Drops 4%

David Beahm, executive vice president at Blanchard & Co., said his precious-metals investment firm has seen “2008-like demand” for gold since Monday. “Investors are treating this price fall as an opportunity to get into the gold market at a depressed price,” he said. “The fundamentals for gold have not changed at all, there was tremendous technical trading that pushed the price lower.” | More

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