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The Longview

Gold News

Silver American Eagle coins on track for another record sales year

Current pace implies more than 45 million could be sold in 2015

The U.S. Mint’s 2015 silver American Eagle bullion coin is on track for another all-time record year of sales, Coin World is projecting. | More

Gold News

China needs to more than double its gold holdings, industry council says

Beijing’s current official reserves suggest it is grossly underinvested

We don’t know if China takes advice from the World Gold Council, but the industry group has just issued a blockbuster recommendation to the world’s No. 2 economy: Buy more gold. | More

Gold News

1792 Birch cent with CAC sticker commands almost $1.2 million

1861 Confederate silver dollar fetches $646,250

For the second time this year, one of America’s first minted penny coins broke through the $1 million mark. A 1792 Birch cent, graded AU58 by PCGS and carrying a green CAC sticker, was sold this week for $1.175 million. | More

Gold News

Gold gains 1% on week as 4th-quarter GDP misses target

Economy not “as strong as a portrayed in the national media reports”

The shock of Saudi Arabia’s attack on Iran-backed rebels in Yemen sent gold soaring almost to $1,220 on Thursday, but the price dipped Friday as investors took profits. | More

Gold News

Gold mine supply could run out in 20 years, Goldman Sachs report says

Bullish “Peak Gold” report undercuts firm’s bearish price outlook

One of gold’s most prominent bearish voices of the past couple of years has been the mega-investment bank Goldman Sachs. | More

Gold News

India’s gold demand is “exploding”

Imports over 2014-15 hit 4-year high, Business Standard reports

Despite a surprise decision to leave intact a 10% tax on gold imports, India is reporting a robust resurgence in demand for the yellow metal in the world’s top-consuming nation along with China | More

Gold News

Warren Buffett’s main man says to “count on” inflation gouging purchasing power

Fed’s zero-rate policies have cost savers more than $470 billion since 2008

In 2005, then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan delivered testimony before the Senate Banking Committee that gold investors have often cited as one of the ultimate rationales for acquiring the yellow metal. | More

Investment News

Gold on a Fed-driven tear

Gold has rallied about 4% since the last week’s Fed meeting, as investors price in a dovish extension of the current low-interest rate policy. | More

Investment News

Henry P. Kendall Foundation Coins on sale in March

Among the finest collections of Massachusetts silver coins ever assembled

Over half a century, the collector Henry P. Kendall amassed one of the most extraordinary collections of early American coinage ever. Though the collection is wide-ranging and includes some very rare early paper currency and Confederate coins, Kendall had a particular focus on Massachusetts silver that, in many cases, predates the American Republic by decades. | More

Gold News

Gold targeting $1,200 again after “awful” U.S. durable-goods report

TD Securities analyst predicts bullion to return to $1,250 in second quarter

Gold was back hammering away at the psychologically important $1,200 level Wednesday after another weak U.S. durable-goods order cast doubt on the Federal Reserve’s ability to raise interest rates soon. | More

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