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Gold News

Gold use as collateral in China actually could be bullish

“It’s another affirmation of gold’s timeless value,” argues Sprott’s Rick Rule

The World Gold Council this week issued a pretty bullish report on gold-demand trends in China, the top-consuming nation. Although the council forecast that its demand this year could remain flat — and in this context, “flat” is already astronomical — the WGC thinks overall demand will rise by about 25% as the nation’s citizens grow increasingly wealthy. | More

Gold News

Gold’s gained 239% since CNBC began 25 years ago

It’s “a store of value, liquid, portable, and convertible into any currency,” guru says

CNBC first went on the air 25 years ago, on April 17, 1989, and it’s been marking that milestone with recaps of its finest moments and rankings of the best asset classes over that period. | More

Gold News

Gold-vault firm bullish on Asia “as we see people move valuable assets from the West”

Firm cites 200% year-on-year increase in volume of metals shipped to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Want to know what’s really going on with Chinese gold demand in the near and the long terms? Don’t ask the Western mainstream media. Ask the people on the ground in Asia. That would be The South China Morning Post newspaper and the major gold-warehousing company known as Malca-Amit. | More

Gold News

Gold news of the weird: 12 bullion bars fished from Indian man’s gut

GFMS finds that “unofficial flow” has risen 75% from 2012 to 2013

Ever since India imposed draconian restrictions on its gold industry in order to reduce its trade deficit, smuggling of the yellow metal has exploded. | More

Gold News

Rare coins are commanding “just crazy, crazy prices”

Big sales registered at Chicago coin expo

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a U.S. coin or a foreign coin, collectors want to own the best,” Numismatic News reported in spotlighting the Chicago International Coin Expo on April 10-13. | More

Gold News

Rare coin roundup: Gold coin type market seeing “great deal of activity”

NGC certifies its 30 millionth coin

$5 and $10 Indians are hot: “There is a great deal of activity in the gold coin type market,” Harry Miller noted at Numismatic News. “Many long dormant buyers/market-makers are back bidding for coins across the board. Some of the most notable are those seeking $5 and $10 Indian coinage. There are numerous buyers seeking the half eagles in MS-63 and MS-64 at higher levels except for 1909-D, which is wanted but not at higher levels. The same is true for eagles with the 1926 and 1932 being a bit higher but not as dramatic as the others.” | More

Gold News

Gold hugs its $1,300 baseline as Yellen pledges “accommodation”

Bullion rangebound despite sparks flying in Ukraine

Gold gained slightly to steady just above $1,300 on Wednesday as stocks rose on positive earnings reports and Chinese GDP grew at its slowest pace (7.4%) since 2012 but beat expectations. | More

Gold News

CPI inflation gauge surprises with unexpected surge higher

Food, utilities, and housing costs all post higher price trends

Despite the cries of deflationists to the contrary, inflation is starting to rear its head in the U.S., with the latest Consumer Price Index rising in tandem with last week’s Producer Price Index. | More

Gold News

Gold flashes “buy” signal amid Tuesday selloff

Bullion’s “short-term and longer-term trends are turning higher"

Gold on Tuesday surrendered its recent surge above $1,320 and fell back near its 200-day moving average and the $1,300 level, breaking a five-day winning streak. | More

Gold News

Gold and why the media is biased against it

News stories downplay China’s voracious demand

Midas Letter publisher James West offered up a cogent deconstruction of mainstream media bias against gold in his recent article titled “Understanding (and Ignoring) the Media Bandwagon Against Gold.” | More

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