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Gold News

Gold firms as new-home sales plunge, manufacturing slows

Ukraine keeps bullion supported near key level of $1,275

Another dismal housing report helped gold break its recent losing streak and post a small gain Wednesday, also bolstered by continuing uncertainty in Ukraine and a down day for stocks. Bullion was trading near $1,285 late Wednesday afternoon. | More

Gold News

Poorer U.S. middle class belies recovery talk

Americans now playing second fiddle to Canadians

In the past week, a story emerged that Democratic political strategist and insider James Carville was advising election-year candidates not to mention the word “recovery.” Why not? “It’s a political loser,” The Associated Press reported. | More

Gold News

Gold wins silver medal in Gallup investment poll

Real estate is No. 1, while yellow metal ties with stocks

The Gallup organization is out with a new poll of Americans’ favorite investments, and gold once again finished in the top three. | More

Gold News

Gold sucked up by China now hidden via Beijing route

“With the Hong Kong route, there is a lot of transparency”

“We believe China is controlling the gold price because it is buying in such a way so as not to push prices up.” That’s the opinion of respected precious-metals analyst Julian Phillips of The Gold Forecaster, along with a host of other informed sources. Buying surreptitiously allows Beijing to buy bullion at bargain prices; if the world knew how much gold China was really amassing, a run on gold the likes of which the globe has never seen would likely ensue. | More

Gold News

CNBC’s stamp-investing article also applies to rare coins

Wealth manager “seeing people becoming more interested in esoteric investments”

CNBC, with its focus on stocks and bonds, also gives air time to gold investing, but usually with a negative bias. (Just listen to Simon Hobbs, Joe Kernan, and Brian Sullivan on any given day.) | More

Gold News

Gold battling for key technical moving averages

Bullion remains a 2014 winner despite 2-month lows

The Ukraine crisis is still heating up, but gold doesn’t seem to be taking much notice at the moment. | More

Gold News

Gold use as collateral in China actually could be bullish

“It’s another affirmation of gold’s timeless value,” argues Sprott’s Rick Rule

The World Gold Council this week issued a pretty bullish report on gold-demand trends in China, the top-consuming nation. Although the council forecast that its demand this year could remain flat — and in this context, “flat” is already astronomical — the WGC thinks overall demand will rise by about 25% as the nation’s citizens grow increasingly wealthy. | More

Gold News

Gold’s gained 239% since CNBC began 25 years ago

It’s “a store of value, liquid, portable, and convertible into any currency,” guru says

CNBC first went on the air 25 years ago, on April 17, 1989, and it’s been marking that milestone with recaps of its finest moments and rankings of the best asset classes over that period. | More

Gold News

Gold-vault firm bullish on Asia “as we see people move valuable assets from the West”

Firm cites 200% year-on-year increase in volume of metals shipped to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Want to know what’s really going on with Chinese gold demand in the near and the long terms? Don’t ask the Western mainstream media. Ask the people on the ground in Asia. That would be The South China Morning Post newspaper and the major gold-warehousing company known as Malca-Amit. | More

Gold News

Gold news of the weird: 12 bullion bars fished from Indian man’s gut

GFMS finds that “unofficial flow” has risen 75% from 2012 to 2013

Ever since India imposed draconian restrictions on its gold industry in order to reduce its trade deficit, smuggling of the yellow metal has exploded. | More

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