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How the Shield Nickel Rebuilt U.S. Currency

Featured | January 14, 2022
The chaos of the Civil War decimated U.S. currency. As a result, many people resorted to merchant tokens, encased stamps, and fractional currency. When the war ended, officials faced the daunting task of reissuing coinage. By 1864, Congress authorized the minting of a five-cent coin. It was not long after that things started to go…

A Brief History of U.S. Inflation

Featured | January 13, 2022
You may have seen the inflation news this week. The U.S. consumer price index (CPI) climbed to 7% in December, its highest level since 1982. That marks the third month in a row with inflation above 6%. This is a direct contradiction to the Federal Reserve’s prediction that “inflation would be transitory.” The inflation we…

The Father of Our Country

Featured | January 6, 2022
George Washington led our nation through some of its most trying times. Born into a prosperous planting family in Virginia in 1732, Washington was named commander of the Virginia militia in 1752 and fought in the French and Indian war. As the British kept raising taxes on the American colonists, by the late 1760’s, Washington…

Silver Demand Running Hot

Featured | December 31, 2021
Everyone wants silver these days. That includes investors just like you who want to diversify their portfolios and manufacturers of everything from health care items to lithium batteries to solar panels and more. In 2021, every key area of silver demand rose – including the total for overall demand at 1.029 billion ounces, according to…

New Research Reveals Heightened Risk Tolerance Among Investors

Gold | December 23, 2021
Investors face a diminishing list of places to park money in the low-rate environment of today. Holding cash is a losing strategy over the long-term as inflation reduces purchasing power. Bonds have little to offer as rates have remained low for a long time. Equities have soared in valuations leading to a cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings…
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