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Lessons from History: High Inflation Can Last a Decade

Gold | November 23, 2022
Is the inflation crisis over? When the government reported the October consumer price index (CPI) rose by 7.7%, slightly less than expected – the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 1000 points on the news. Despite the stock market’s jubilant reaction, the inflation fight is far from over, according to a new research paper. Consider this….

5 Very Valuable Key Date Coins

Market News | November 17, 2022
Do you own any key date coins? If you do, you understand the feeling of triumph, pride and excitement of adding a key date coin to your collection. Key date coins are those with a low mintage or with mintages with few survivors and they are prized in the world of numismatics. The performance returns…

Silver Jumps As Metal Held in London Vaults Sinks to Record Low

Ask an Expert | November 10, 2022
The price of silver jumped to a 4-month high this week fueled by massive investor demand for the metal. This investor demand for silver is now draining the London vaults of their silver holdings – which fell to a record low in October, according to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). In a year where…

Cashing In On Controversy: The Strange History of the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

Market News | November 8, 2022
Never before have three little letters meant so much. The 1909 Lincoln cent – designed to replace the Indian Head penny – was welcomed by Americans with enthusiasm, before quickly being discontinued due to one small detail. Then President Theodore Roosevelt believed that US coins needed new imagery that would inspire Americans. At this same…

The State of Economy and Gold: U.S. Not Out of the Woods Yet

Gold | November 1, 2022
Gold has served as money and a store of value for thousands of years and it’s no surprise that demand for gold is rising in the current environment with record high inflation, rising interest rates, climbing U.S. debt levels and the potential for a recession. Indeed, in the first half of 2022, gold demand climbed…
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