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Gold Soars As Bank Failures Spark Worries of Larger Crisis

Gold | March 21, 2023
In a span of 10 days in mid-March, gold surged 9.8% higher as investors parked cash in the safety of precious metals. A loss of confidence in the banking sector is spreading following the nation’s second and third-largest bank failures. While the Federal Reserve pumped $300 billion in credits to banks in mid-March, investors and…

Silicon Valley Bank Failure Reminds Us of the Security Gold Provides

Gold | March 13, 2023
When you put your money into a bank, you expect to be able to get it back – in full, any time you want it. The shocking Silicon Valley Bank headlines and worries about contagion throughout the banking system remind many of 2008 and the Global Financial Crisis that impacted so many Americans. As news…

State of the Economy and Gold: American’s Credit Card Debt Hits All-Time High

Gold | March 9, 2023
Just charge it. As high inflation squeezes consumers at the checkout line, credit card debt just hit an all-time record high at $986 billion, according to the New York Reserve Bank. Americans are drowning in credit card debt as everyday necessities like housing costs, food and interest rates on anything borrowed remain uncomfortably high. In…

The Transition from Large Cent to Small Cent: The 1856 Flying Eagle

Market News | March 1, 2023
The 1856 Flying Eagle Cent holds a unique place in the annals of American numismatic history. As the first small-sized cent in U.S. coinage, it marked a significant departure from the larger, copper-based coins that came before it. The Flying Eagle Cent was minted for only a short period, from 1856 to 1858, making it…

Why the Shield Nickel Earned an Important Place in Numismatic History

Market News | February 27, 2023
At the start of the Civil War, the United States government halted specie payments – or the mechanism by which citizens could turn in their paper money and redeem it for gold or silver. This led to widespread hoarding of gold and silver coins during the war and these coins disappeared from circulation. In order…
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