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Gold glides, stocks slide as Citigroup declares safe-haven rationale is back in vogue

Gold | January 20, 2016

Gold ripped higher Wednesday to hit two-week highs as falling oil prices sent Asian markets and then U.S. equities into a fresh tailspin. Given the growing global turmoil, Citigroup has now substantially raised its forecast for bullion prices this year. Having bounced higher off the 50-day moving-average 3 days ago, gold has surged back above […]

Oil glut risks lighting fuse of next recession or fresh financial crisis

Investment | January 19, 2016

Sagging oil prices have sent shock waves through the financial markets in the past several months, and now news that Iran is about to start pumping crude back into the global system has upped the ante on those fears. The lifting of international sanctions against Tehran over the weekend means that oil prices which already […]

IMF slashes growth forecast as Chinas slowing GDP juggernaut hits 25-year lows

Investment | January 19, 2016

If you needed any more proof that the world economy is slowing, then look to the latest growth report on the worlds second-largest economy, China. The International Monetary Fund already has, and its cutting its global GDP outlook for the third time in a year. Chinas GDP for 2015 came in at 6.9% for the […]

Gold could surge in 2016 as potential supply crunch unfolds

Market News | January 18, 2016

Gold production likely has peaked and the stars have now aligned for a potential gold supply crunch in the near future, according to the metal experts at Thomson Reuters GFMS. Falling prices since the record peak in 2011 have slammed the mining industry, forcing companies to cut costs by curtailing new exploration, halting production, and […]

“Except for gold, all other assets are just bubbles”, burned Chinese investor says

Investment | January 18, 2016

With equity prices on the Shanghai stock market down about 40% since June 2014 and falling into bear territory last week, Chinese investors are renewing their love affair with gold. In addition to its plummeting stock market, China is now on course to grow at its slowest pace since 1990. And with China devaluing the […]