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Chinas exploding gold imports power Perth Mint to record profits

Market News | March 24, 2016
One of the worlds major sovereign producers of gold and silver coins and bullion, the Perth Mint, is reporting record profits for the past two quarters. The driver? China. In terms of gold bars, cast bars that we are selling, a lot of that is going into Asia, primarily into China, CEO Richard Hayes asserted….

Gold consolidates as Fed slashes GDP forecast to measly 1.4%

Market News | March 24, 2016
In the wake of a Federal Reserve meeting last week that Goldman Sachs characterized as the most dovish in years, several of the banks regional presidents have made hawkish public statements this week. The end result: The dollar has strengthened, and gold has fallen back to one-month lows near $1,220. St. Louis Fed chief James…

What has happened to coin shows of late?

Market News | March 22, 2016
By Douglas LePre, Senior Portfolio Manager at Blanchard and Company, Inc. I recently went to the American Numismatic Association (ANA) National Money Show that took place at the Dallas Convention Center over the March 4 weekend. I opted to attend as a non-dealer just to see what was really happening in the market. As a…

Gold sees brief bounce after Brussels attacks, but analyst sees $1,450 ahead

Gold | March 22, 2016
The horrific terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium, sent gold galloping toward $1,260 early Tuesday before a pullback that nonetheless kept the metal in positive territory. Golds advance Tuesday is mainly related to the attacks in Brussels, ABN AMRO analyst Georgette Boele told Reuters. Gold is being bought as a safe haven. Though geopolitical events like…

Silver to outperform gold, historical ratio suggests

Market News | March 21, 2016
Standard Chartered and the Silver Institute both have issued predictions that global silver production is set to shrink in the coming year and beyond. Now another major bank, Societe Generale, is making the same forecast. It is predicting that supplies of newly mined silver will drop 9.2% this year and 13% in 2017. This dearth…