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Gold, silver have bottomed, CPM Group chief says

Market News | February 1, 2016

CPM Group is one of the leading precious-metals consultancies in the world today, publishing widely followed overviews such as the Gold Yearbook, the Silver Yearbook, and the Platinum Yearbook. CPM managing partner Jeffrey Christian recently appeared on the Investing News Network to issue a mildly bullish forecast for precious metals in 2016. Christian has been […]

2 new rock-solid reasons for gold: Japans negative rates, falling U.S. GDP

Market News | January 29, 2016

We already knew that gold was the standout asset class so far in 2016. The metal was trading just below three-month highs Friday afternoon, and two headlines from major news organizations confirm the obvious: Gold heads for best month in a year as U.S. data disappoints, Reuters trumpeted, while Bloomberg seconded that emotion with the […]

Gold-oil ratio suggesting some type of market crisis, history shows

Market News | January 29, 2016

Jeff Desjardins of the Visual Capitalist just released another stunning infographic titled Three major reasons for gold in 2016. His first two reasons are; 1) Gold has produced over double the returns of the general market from 2008 to 2015; and 2) two-term presidents have historically seen the stock market sink significantly during their final […]

Gold bull bets $13.5 million on 9% price rally by March

Market News | January 29, 2016

High-profile billionaires who have put their money where their mouths are by betting big on gold often make the news. When tried-and-true investing pros come out publically in favor of an asset class that is too often dismissed as a barbarous relic, such stances catch the attention of the stock cheerleaders in the financial media, […]

Gold grab: Germany, China, and Russia leading charge

Market News | January 29, 2016

In a world in which currency devaluation has become the chief weapon against growing deflationary forces, numerous nations are making concerted efforts to stock up on gold reserves and keep it closer at hand for emergencies. According to the Bloomberg news agency, which cited International Monetary Fund statistics for December, the former Soviet republic of […]