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Gold hits 3-week highs as RBC Capital raises forecast by 9%

Market News | April 11, 2016
Perhaps it was the Federal Reserves downgrade of first-quarter GDP to an anemic 0.1%. Or maybe it was news that Fed chief Janet Yellen was holding an unscheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. Or maybe it was investor jitters ahead of the most pessimistic corporate earnings season in years. Whatever the driver, gold rose to…

Gold can clinch bull-market status with strong 2nd quarter, says WGC

Market News | April 11, 2016
Now that gold has experienced its best single-quarter performance in three decades, the question remains: How long can bullion keep gaining? In a new report titled Gold outshines the market in Q1 2016, the World Gold Council is bullish on the second quarter. We may be entering a new bull market for gold, it wrote….

China buying gold like crazy both over the counter and under the table

Market News | April 11, 2016
The bears have been carping over the fact that Chinas March addition to its central-bank gold reserves is the smallest increase since Beijing began announcing updates last year. The fact that Chinas officially reported gold holdings rose by only 0.5%, from 57.50 million ounces to 57.79 million ounces (or nearly 1,800 tons), therefore signals that…

1799 Capped Bust $10 gold coin targets $500,000

Market News | April 8, 2016
In terms of headline-grabbing seven-figure sales, the rare coin market has been relatively quiet since the third sale of the D. Brent Pogue Collection in February, which saw a 1793 Chain Cent almost top the $1 million mark. Even Blanchard and Company senior portfolio director Douglas LePre didn’t see much to buy at the American…

Gold inks best week in a month as Credit Suisse upgrades forecast to $1,350

Gold | April 8, 2016
Gold finished its best week in about a month, holding above $1,240 and logging a roughly 1.7% gain after some top Federal Reserve officials continued to preach a dovish message. Speaking Friday, New York Fed President William Dudley said that a gradual approach to further interest-rate increases is warranted. Although the downside risks have diminished…