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Gold consolidates ahead of Fed as Morgan Stanley sees 30% recession odds

Gold | March 14, 2016
Caution about two major central-bank meetings later this week sent gold into consolidation mode Monday. After golds push to 13-month highs last Friday, the pullback to about $1,235 Monday afternoon was not unexpected given that the metal is sensitive to interest-rate moves from the Federal Reserve, which is conducting a two-day meeting that ends Wednesday….

Gold surprises back to 13-month highs as ECBs monetary bazooka backfires

Gold | March 10, 2016
Gold investors were bracing for a major dip in the yellow metal Thursday upon the European Central Banks bombshell announcement of more quantitative easing and further cuts to its deposit rate, which already is in negative territory, along with other measures. That gold-price drop occurred initially, because the easing and rate-cutting measures in the euro…

Gold has a yield for the 1st time in recorded history, thanks to negative rates

Gold | March 9, 2016
All eyes are focused on this Thursdays meeting of the European Central Bank, at which President Mario Draghi is expected to unleash even more stimulus to solve the European Unions deflationary problems. Whether he will succeed is unclear, but gold stands to benefit along the way as more money printing rekindles a race to the…

Gold-mining legend declares beginning of a new bull market

Market News | March 9, 2016
The gold rally paused Wednesday as traders booked profits ahead of Thursdays key European Central Bank meeting. The metal was trading near $1,254 early Wednesday, down slightly as markets await more quantitative easing or steeper negative interest rates from the ECB. More QE weakens the euro and strengthens the dollar in the short term, thus…

Rare coins gained 13% in 2015, says new Knight Frank Wealth Report

Market News | March 7, 2016
The respected real-estate consultancy Knight Frank has released its 2016 Wealth Report, and the news continues to be bullish for rare coins, but not so bullish in the short-term for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Slowing growth trends around the world apparently have affected the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (or UHNWI) created in 2015, Knight Frank reported. Almost…