Gold as Wearable Wealth: More Than a Fad in India

Gold | October 18, 2017

American women are fond of saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Not as well-known are the origins of that saying, which can be traced to a 1947 De Beers mining company advertising campaign. In the Indian culture, “No gold, no wedding” is a popular saying. That underscores the significance of gold in the fabric […]

Three Incredible Gold Coin Finds, and One Devastating Loss

Market News | October 16, 2017

  Out for a Stroll The weather was nice one day in northern California, so a couple took their dog for a walk. They left their house as a regular pair of middle-class Americans. When they returned home, they were multi-millionaires. The woman noticed the edge of a rusted can sticking up from the ground […]

The Five Pillars of the Central Bank Gold Agreement

Gold | October 11, 2017

Gold is critical on the stage of the global economy. In fact, it’s so important that eleven nations formally agreed that the commodity is a mainstay of sovereign nations. While die hard equity investors often eschew gold as a relic of the past, the fact remains that our world’s economy requires gold as an international […]

3 Things Coin Investors Should Know About the Palladium American Eagle

Investment | October 9, 2017

Move on over gold and silver. There’s a new American Eagle coin on the block. For the first time, the United States Mint began offering a one-ounce American Eagle Palladium bullion coin in late September. The new coin is designed to offer investors an easy and cost-effective way to invest and hold physical palladium. Those […]

5 Ultra Valuable Coins: Collectors Benefit from Mint Mistakes

Market News | October 4, 2017

If you make an error at your job, you may get a gentle reminder or a stern reprimand. But, rarely does the error make your final product more valuable. Not so, if you are in the coin minting business. In fact misstrikes and error coins typically hold a higher value than a coin in its […]