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A Lifetime of Collecting Coins and the $30 Million Payoff

Market News | November 15, 2017

People start collecting coins for many different reasons. It was John Jay Pittman’s grandmother who first infused in him the sense of wonder and history captured within each coin that she gave to him. Make no mistakes, John Pittman was not brought up with a silver spoon. He was born in North Carolina in 1913, […]

Four Gold Hordes We’re Still Trying to Find

Gold | November 13, 2017

Few things fire up the imagination like lost treasure, buried away just waiting to be found. We take a look at four gold hordes that people continue to look for to this day. The 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet A fleet of twelve Spanish ships was en route to Spain from the New World when a […]

Gold During the Changing of the Guards

Gold | November 8, 2017

With a relatively new president in office many have cited the uncertainty of our times with regard to investing. However, this notion that a US president can single-highhandedly control the economic landscape of the country is misguided. In truth, policy changes from Federal Reserve hold much more sway over the state of our markets. Now […]

Proof Coins: The Gifts for Kings

Market News | November 6, 2017

In the 1800’s, American proof coins were minted primarily as gifts for kings and foreign dignitaries. In later years, fortunate U.S. congressmen and senators were also bestowed with these exceptional gifts.   President Andrew Jackson’s 1836 gift of a U.S. proof coin set to the King of Siam is a numismatic legend. The first U.S. […]

Gold Coins: The Ultimate Charity Gift

Market News | November 1, 2017

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”― John Bunyan Each year at Christmas time, generous donors around America walk up to a Salvation Army Red Kettle and drop a gold coin in as a donation. It makes headlines each December, when the “first gold coin” […]


Join David Beahm, CEO of Blanchard and Company, as he walks you through the amazing stories of The Twelve Caesars.  Learn more about these rare coins and how you can hold a 2000-year-old piece of history in your hand.

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