Morgan Dollar Banker’s Roll

Over a century has passed since the last Morgan Silver Dollar was minted for circulation. These coins, among the most cherished and collected vintage U.S. Silver Dollars, earned their esteemed reputation as the currency that helped shape the Wild West. Cowboys, ranchers, and outlaws alike favored the sturdy Morgan Silver Dollars in their saddle bags over the flimsy paper money popular among Easterners at the time.

Minted from 1878 to 1904 and once more in 1921, these 90% silver dollars were named after their designer, George T. Morgan. They were also affectionately known as “cartwheels” due to their large size and weight.

Fewer Than 15% of Morgans Still Exist

Sadly, experts estimate that less than 15% of all Morgan Silver Dollars ever minted have survived. Many were lost to the passage of time or melted down due to U.S. government legislation, which authorized the melting of hundreds of millions of these coins for their fine silver content.

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