10 Oz Canadian Silver Maple Coins (BU)

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The Highest-Purity Silver Bullion Coin

Certified by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf has the highest purity of any silver coin struck by a government mint, at 0.9999%. The Maple Leaf serves as an affordable option for portfolio security and diversification as demand for silver continues to rise.

In addition to its excellent investment potential, the Maple Leaf offers striking beauty that will appeal to collectors as well. The coin features Canada’s national symbol, the maple leaf, on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, making this an investment you can literally hold and admire.


When the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins were introduced, South African Kruggerands were the only pure gold bullion coins available. A boycott in South Africa due to the apartheid policies left them in short supply. To satisfy the high demand, the Royal Canadian Mint began producing Canadian Maple Leafs from gold mined within Canada alone. 

In 1983, the Gold coins changed from .999 to .9999 fine gold making it one of the purest in the world.


Since its release in 1979,  Gold Maple Leafs have undergone few changes by the Royal Canadian Mint. The changes made were to provide a better measure of authenticity while preserving the iconic design.  Most recently was the replacement of the shiny, smooth background to a unique light diffracting pattern of radial lines, making the coins harder to duplicate.

The much-awaited second silver coin remains one of the most popular silver coins in the world. Created by Walter Ott, the reverse features a stylized maple leaf, the Canadian national symbol, along with the coin’s weight and purity. The front depicts a side profile of Queen Elizabeth II with the year of issue.

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