2024 Silver Eagle Monster Box

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2024 Silver Eagle Monster Box
2024 Silver Eagle Monster Box


American Silver Eagle bullion coins were first struck by the United States Mint in 1986. Since their inception through the end of 1986, approximately 629,227,737 of these bullion coins have been struck. These coins faithfully copied the popular “Walking Liberty Design” first used on the 1916 – 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar design by Adolph A. Weinman, who also designed the Mercury Dime. These coins were struck in Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof and all varieties such as Burnished Finish and a Reverse Proof finish.  American Silver Eagles are acceptable in Precious Metal IRA accounts.
The overwhelming majority of the coins that were struck were the non-proof issues that were sold by the Mint to dealers. These coins were not sold directly to collectors or investors by the Mint. The coins were shipped in heavy-duty, green plastic boxes called “Monster Boxes,” because of their virtually indestructible nature.


Each Monster Box contains 25 plastic tubes of Silver Eagle coins, and each tube contains 20 coins for a total of 500 Silver Eagles in each box. The boxes come banded from the US Mint, so they stay securely closed and it is a buyer’s assurance that the box has never been opened since it left the Mint.
Many buyers prefer to buy American Silver Eagle bullion coins in these boxes, just as they come from the US Mint. This is a very convenient way to buy, store, and protect your investment in these coins.
Some investors buy one or more Monster Boxes of these coins each year, hoping that the coins may be more valuable in these Mint-sealed boxes. Amassing a collection of these annually-issued Monster Boxes is a great undertaking and many specific years are virtually impossible to find.
While some dealers offer coins in their original Monster Boxes, many do not. They open the boxes to fill customer orders for less than 500 coins. So, finding these boxes intact is not an easy task.
Simply click the “Add to Cart” button now or call 1-800-880-4653 to speak to one of our highly trained numismatists, who will be very happy to assist you.
Year 2024
Denomination $1.00
Grade BU
Country United States
Grading Service NA
Weight 1.00 Troy Ounce Per Coin
Fineness .999 Fine Silver
Diameter 40.6 mm Per Coin
Manufacturer United States Mint

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