Austrian Gold 100 Corona Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)

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Austrian Gold 100 Corona Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)Austrian Gold 100 Corona Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)

An Exceptional Value Per Ounce

When Americans were granted the right to own gold again in 1974, one of the few gold bullion coins available for purchase was the 100 Corona. The market is now crowded with beautiful bullion designs, but this handsome coin endures as one of the best values per ounce, making it an excellent choice for serious investors.  

Each 100 Corona weighs just under an ounce at 0.9802 grams, which is a non-standard size among today’s predominant 1 oz. bullion coins. As a result, this coin generally costs less than comparable 1 oz. coins, giving you more gold for your money. It is also widely recognized and easy to liquidate, and the low premium paid at purchase is easier to recover, making the 100 Corona an attractive short-term investment.


During the currency reform of 1892, gold Coronas became the first gold currency replacing the gulden. Gold coins in 10 and 20 crown (or corona) were the first issued. Then in 1908, the Austrian Mint’s larger 100 crown coins, or Gold 100 Coronas, were released – during Emperor Franz Joseph’s diamond jubilee. These gold coins stopped being produced as currency in 1915, so by purchasing one of these Gold 100 Corona modern re-strikes, you are investing in the rich history of this gold coin.


The front of the Austrian 100 Gold Corona bears the profile of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (1948–1916), and engraved around his profile are all of his titles: FRANC-IOS-I-D-G-IMP-AUSTR-REX-BOH-GAL-ILL-ETC-ET-AP-REX (Hung Franz Joseph I, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia, Galacia, Illyria, etc., and Elected King of Hungary). Pay close attention to the ETC – probably the only time you will ever see that in a coin inscription. The reverse displays the Austrian coat of arms, a double eagle with crown. It also includes the face value and year of mint (1909–1915.) The vast majority of them will have the 1915 date, since restrikes using that date have been made for decades.

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