Mexican Gold 50 Peso Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)

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Mexican Gold 50 Peso Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)Mexican Gold 50 Peso Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)

Beauty, History and Value

Recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful coins, the Mexican 50 Peso gold coin, also known as the “Centenario”, celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain. This beauty is enhanced by the coin’s historical significance and low premium, making it an excellent portfolio builder.


La Casa de Moneda de Mexico (The Mexican Mint) has produced Mexican coins since 1535, when it was established by Antonio de Mendoza, the Spanish Viceroy, so creating the first mint in the Americas. The 50 Peso Mexican Gold coin was released in 1921 by The Mexican Mint. They offered these gold coins for sale from 1921 until 1931 to celebrate the first centenary of Mexico’s Independence from Spain, and then restarted production in 1943 due to high demand for these gold coins. As the largest bullion coin from Mexico, this stunning gold coin features symbolism from Mexico’s Mesoamerican and colonial history.


To honor the 100 years since the war, they built a column and statue known as the Angel of Independence. At the top of the column is a statue of the Greek goddess Nike. The front of the Mexico Gold Peso, designed by Emilio del Moral, was adorned with the Winged Goddess of Victory, as she is also called. The Laurel Crown in her left hand represents Mexico’s triumph over the Spanish army in the key battle that won Mexico its independence. In the right hand are broken chains, which represent its break from Spanish oppression. The reverse displays a beautiful rendition of the Mexican coat of arms. This important symbol depicts an eagle with a serpent clutched in its mouth and claws, perched on a prickly cactus. This image represents the Mexican people’s readiness to face the challenges of life and the inevitable triumph over their enemies. The Mexican coat of arms provided hope to the country as they sought out their freedom from Spain, making it the perfect anniversary design. Engraved above the eagle are the words ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS.  

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