MO MF Mexico 8 Reale Rooswijk NGC Gen

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North of the Strait of Dover lie 9 miles of doom to sailors. This stretch of sea has bedeviled ships for centuries. The Goodwin Sands are a series of sandbanks that shift, appear, and disappear unpredictably with the tides. This is especially inconvenient given their location: at the narrowest part of the world’s busiest shipping lane.   

Over 1,000 ships have perished in these sands – and those are only the recorded shipwrecks. The true number could be thousands more. One ship that was wrecked there was the Rooswijk, a Dutch merchant ship that sank only a day after setting out from the Netherlands in 1739. All 300 people aboard died, and 30 chests of treasure containing silver intended for trade in the Dutch East Indies were lost. The wreck was swallowed by the shifting sands, and was gone for 265 years. 

In 2004, the shipwreck was discovered, and many of its treasures rescued. Among those were the Pillar Dollars / 8 Reale we offer to you today. The 8 Reale was struck in South America under Spanish colonial rule, and circulated in the US and globally. In fact, it was legal tender in the US until the Coinage Act of 1857 passed, and it was the first silver coin to circulate in the US.

Much of the recovered Rooswijk silver was returned to the Dutch government. That, combined with the rarity of retrieving shipwreck treasure from the dangerous Goodwin Sands, makes the Pillar Dollars we’ve recently acquired a tremendous opportunity for numismatic investors. 

The Pillar Dollar was a standard of international trade, laden with the symbolism of one of the mightiest empires of its day. Today, it can be yours.



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