50-Piece Morgan Dollar Set NGC MS63

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50-piece Morgan Dollar coins set certified by NGC as MS63 grade.
50-piece Morgan Dollar coins set certified by NGC as MS63 grade.

50pc Ultimate Morgan Silver Dollar Starter Set

Arguably the most collected coin in American history, the Morgan Silver Dollar is known as “The King of Silver Dollars”. No other coin encapsulates the spirit of the “Old West” and even the spirit of America itself, as the Morgan Silver dollar.
Born from the discovery of the Comstock Lode, the largest silver strike in American history, the Morgan was struck from 1878-1904 and again in 1921. It provided the fuel that powered the growth of American commerce for over a half-century.
Morgans were struck at five different US Mint branches: Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Carson City, and Denver.
These big, hefty silver dollars were the desire of ruthless outlaws like Butch Cassidy and Jesse James, cattle barons, and gamblers. When you hold a Morgan silver dollar, you hold the history of America in your hand! All coins in these sets are graded MS63, ensuring they’re as pristine as they were when struck 145 years ago.
This set include the dates below:
1. 1878-P8Tailfeather
2. 1878-P7Tailfeather(Reverseof78)
3. 1878-S
4. 1879-P
5. 1879-O
6. 1879-S
7. 1880-P
8. 1880-S
9. 1881-P
10. 1881-O
11. 1881-S
12. 1882-P
13. 1882-CC
14. 1882-O
15. 1882-S
16. 1883-P
17. 1883-CC
18. 1883-O
19. 1884-P
20. 1884-CC
21. 1884-O
22. 1885-P
23. 1885-O
24. 1886-P
25. 1887-P
26. 1887-O
27. 1888-P
28. 1888-O
29. 1889-P
30. 1890-P
31. 1890-O
32. 1890-S
33. 1891-P
34. 1891-S
35. 1896-P
36. 1897-P
37. 1897-S
38. 1898-P
39. 1898-O
40. 1899-O
41. 1900-P
42. 1900-O
43. 1901-O
44. 1902-P
45. 1902-O
46. 1903-P
47. 1904-O
48. 1921-P
49. 1921-D
50. 1921-S

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