Twelve Caesars Pontius Pilate NGC VF 26-36 A.D.




A Coin of Great Historical Importance

Pontius Pilate served under Tiberius, overseeing the Judean province on behalf of Rome. He is infamously known for his ruling over the trial, and, ultimately, the crucifixion of Jesus. All four gospels say that Pontius Pilate was hesitant to order the death of Jesus but he found himself pressured by the Sanhedrin to convict him. The Sanhedrin, the Jewish court given authority over the people of Israel, had already arrested and questioned Jesus when they presented him to Pilate for further punishment. They strongly rejected the idea of a pardon for Jesus, forcing Pilate to conform to their wishes.

The prutot coin of Pontius Pilate is the most eagerly sought coin of this historically important time.

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