French Gold 20 Franc Rooster Coin (BU, Dates Vary)

Content: .1867 toz Fineness: 21.6 karats
Weight: .2074 toz Diameter: 21mm

A Revolutionary Design

This artful coin takes its inspiration from the Gallic rooster, a revered symbol of France’s revolutionary fighting spirit drawn from Medieval French imagery, which is featured on the coin’s reverse. The French Rooster belongs to the exclusive class of globally recognized legal-tender coins, making it a highly desirable and high-liquidity investment. In today’s market, it can be acquired at a relatively reasonable cost, and is typically privately traded. It is an ideal addition to almost any investment portfolio.


The Gold French Roosters were established after the defeat of Napoleon III in 1870. They represent the bold spirit of what was known as the Third French Republic. The first minting of the Gold French Rooster was released in 1899. Production of these gold coins continued until 1914 when it ceased due to the start of World War I. Any surviving coins from the initial year are considered extremely rare. The Paris Mint re-struck coins with dates 1907–1914 in 1921, and again from 1951–1960.


The French Rooster gold coins, also known as Rooster 20 Franc Gold coins, were designed by Jules-Clément Chaplain. The front of the coin depicts the profile of Marianne, the national emblem and most prominent symbol of the Third French Republic, surrounded by the words REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE. France currently operates under the fifth Republic.

The Gallic rooster is an unofficial symbol of France that dates back to the Romans, at a time when the region was referred to as Gaul and the word galus was used to describe a rooster. Because of the similarities in the names, when the Francs conquered the region in the sixth century, they just assumed that the rooster was the country’s symbol. The rooster signifies an innovative spirit along with a fierce fighting attitude, making it the obvious choice of inspiration for the reverse of the French Rooster Gold coin. Portrayed on the back of this gold coin is a rendition of “Le Coq Gaulois” (Gallic rooster) with the words LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITÉ FRATERNITÉ (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (Brotherhood)).

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