Twelve Caesars Julius Caesar Gold Coin NGC About Uncirculated (AU*) 3.74 Grams Strike: 5 Surface: 5


Dictator of the Roman Republic

Julius Caesar is one of the greatest figures in human history. He amassed one of the largest and most successful armies in the world, and extended Rome’s reach dramatically. He rose to power quickly, and his political story is one of the most well-known in history. His death would change history forever, and was a turning point that marked the beginning of the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. This aureus was struck circa 46 BC under the magistrate A. Hirtius, nearly 2 years after Caesar’s assassination on the Ides of March in 44 BC.

The obverse features the veiled head of Pietas (Roman goddess of duty and devotion), or Vesta (Roman virgin goddess of home and family); and the reverse depicts religious implements symbolic of Caesar’s position as a supreme religious figure to the Roman people. This specimen received a perfect 5/5 Strike grade and a perfect 5/5 Surface grade, evident in the remaining luster and tremendous eye appeal that has survived 2,000 years! Star designation for superb eye appeal.

An extremely important coin in all grades, only 115 pieces have ever crossed NGC’s desk. This is your opportunity to own an incredible historical relic, and the first coin of the Twelve Caesars. His aurei are always in high demand internationally, and command the attention of all collectors.

This conditionally rare issue is of tremendous importance to all numismatists. Only four coins are graded AU Star by NGC, so only four collectors worldwide will have the opportunity to own an example in AU Star! This is legacy coin, and a phenomenal start to your Twelve Caesars aureus set.

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