Twelve Caesars Julius Caesar Silver Coin Choice About Uncirculated(ChAU*) 3.97 Grams St: 4 Sf: 5


Dictator of the Roman Republic – Extremely RARE portrait denarius

Julius Caesar is one of the greatest figures in human history. He amassed one of the largest and most successful armies in the world, and extended Rome’s reach dramatically. He rose to power quickly, and his political story is one of the most well-known in history.

An extremely rare issue, NGC has designated this coin as Star for its superb eye appeal and artistic engraving style. The coin features the wreathed head of Caesar on the obverse, and a stunning crescent moon between the letters PM for Pontifex Maximus, the respected head of the college of priests – a position held by Caesar. The reverse features Venus holding Victory and the legend L AEMILIUS, for Lucius Aemilius Buca, the moneyer who had permission to mint these coins.

This is an exceedingly rare issue of tremendous importance to all of numismatists. Ownership of this coin is truly one of the most prestigious accomplishments for a collector, and only a handful will ever have the opportunity. We estimate less than 20 are known worldwide, the vast majority installed in various institutions and museums, and all of lesser quality.

The portrait denarius of Julius Caesar is a tangible window into his life; the incredible history of Rome, and much of what civilization has become, comes alive in your hands.

*The NGC census does not separate portrait denarii from non-portrait denarii.

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