Twelve Caesars Galba Silver Coin NGC About Uncirculated(AU) 2.87 Grams Strike: 5 Surface: 2


The first Emperor of the “Year of the Four Emperors”

The Year of the Four Emperors lasted from early 68 AD to late 69 AD, and Galba was the first Emperor during this time of civil war. Although he had good intentions to restore state finances, the way he went about doing it enraged the populace, and he was assassinated in 69 AD by bribed Praetorian Guards at the request of Otho, who then succeeded him. He was a man of great wealth who was unconnected by birth with any of the Caesars. He was prophesied as early as the time of Augustus to be a man of future eminence in the Empire. He issued coins prolifically during his brief 7-month tenure. You can find his silver denarii in low grades with only mild difficulty, but collectors know that examples in AU are almost unheard of!

The present piece, with a perfect 5/5 strike, is among only 10 of these pieces graded AU by NGC, with only 4 finer. The luster, metal flow, and strike are simply stunning. The obverse features Galba facing right, and on the reverse is Livia standing.

A true showpiece, and a Condition Census rarity.

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