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How Emerging Markets Will Support Gold’s Future

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Today, close to two-thirds of the global demand for gold comes from emerging markets. The two largest players in this segment are China and India. China’s annual gold consumption averages about 1,120 tons per year while India’s is roughly 800 tons. This means that understanding the future of gold as an investment requires a clear picture of what the future of these two countries holds. Here, we look at the major economic initiatives driving the ... >> Read More        
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The Relationship Between the Price of Gold and the 10-Year TIPS Yield and Why it Matters

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For more than 15 years, there has been a stable, inverse relationship between gold and US bond yields adjusted for inflation. Typically, higher Treasury yields have the effect of bringing gold prices down because gold, which has no yield, is less attractive in comparison. Between 2006 and 2021, the correlation coefficient between the two has been -0.933 indicating an almost completely opposite relationship. Today, that’s changing. The breakdown of this correlation seems strangely fitting in ... >> Read More        
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Top 5 Gold Bullion Coins for Investors

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American Gold Eagle American Gold Buffalo Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Australian Gold Kangaroo Austrian Gold Philharmonic For thousands of years, people around the world built wealth with gold. Today, gold remains a proven strategy for investors to diversify their portfolios and protect and grow their wealth. Owning physical gold has many benefits over "paper" gold like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mining stocks. ETFs and mining stocks do not always follow the price of gold and ... >> Read More        
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Gold Climbs to 2-Week High as Middle East Conflict Escalates

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Gold climbed to a two-week high after military conflict and violence escalated between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Investors turned to gold as the heightened geopolitical unrest increased the precious metal's safe-haven appeal. Throughout history, during war and military conflict, gold has been used as a safe store of value. Gold jumped from a low of $1,822.70 early in October to as high as $1,873 mid-week. If the Middle East violence continues to escalate, Wall ... >> Read More        
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The 1850 $5 Baldwin & Co. Gold Coin is a Throwback to the Era of Private Minting

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The NFTs and cryptocurrencies of today might signify a growing desire to move away from government-issued currency. However, as modern as these innovations may be, the independent spirit behind them has long been part of American history dating back to the California gold rush. During that era (1848–1855) private minting was legal.  There were several reasons for this. First, at the time, the western frontier of the US had very little government oversight. Few laws ... >> Read More        
The Alaska RRC Bingle: A New Deal Era Coin Used by Farmers

The Alaska RRC Bingle: A New Deal Era Coin Used by Farmers

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Imagine you were struggling financially during the Great Depression. In that scenario, a government offer to move you to Alaska to farm a 40-acre plot of land could have sounded like a good deal. Indeed, 203 pioneer families did just that in May 1935 as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal plan to help move the country out of the Great Depression through massive public works projects.  The adventuresome pioneers moved to Matanuska ... >> Read More        
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Investment Grade Bonds Heading for Third Year of Decline

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For decades, the standard advice from investment professionals was to invest a portion of your portfolio in bonds – for safety and security. The general investment idea was that if the stock portion of your portfolio goes down, bonds will go up. In recent years that correlation has failed—leaving investors with big losses on both the stock and bond sides of their portfolio. Looking back In 2022, the S&P 500 fell 18.01%. That's when bonds ... >> Read More        
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Five Most Popular U.S. Commemorative Coins

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1892 Columbian Exposition half dollar 1915-S Panama Pacific Octagonal 1921 Missouri Centennial Half Dollar 1986 U.S. Statue of Liberty 2000 $10 Library of Congress Bi-Metallic Coin From time to time, Congress authorizes the minting of commemorative coins that celebrate and honor American people, places, historical events, and institutions. These coins are legal tender, but they are not created for general circulation. The U.S. Mint produces these commemorative coins in limited quantitites and the coin sales ... >> Read More        
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The Renegade Businessman Behind Oregon’s Gold Beaver Coins

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During the 1848 California gold rush, many Oregon settlers headed south to join the fray, seeking their fortunes. Some found success in the California gold mines and returned home to the Oregon Territory with bags of gold dust. Yet, as in other Western territories, conducting commerce in gold dust created a lack of uniformity for simple everyday purchases. Gold dust was also easily contaminated and subject to fraud. During this time, items like beaver skins, ... >> Read More        
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What is the Autumn Effect for Gold?

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In past decades gold has experienced positive and statistically significant gold price changes in September and November. This finding was first popularized by economics and finance professor Dirk Baur. He called it the “Autumn Effect.” His research examined daily gold returns (spot and futures) over a 30-year period from January 1981 until December 2010. The data showed that September generated an average return of 2.2% and that November generated an average return of 1.8%. In ... >> Read More