1799 Capped Bust $10 gold coin targets $500,000

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In terms of headline-grabbing seven-figure sales, the rare coin market has been relatively quiet since the third sale of the D. Brent Pogue Collection in February, which saw a 1793 Chain Cent almost top the $1 million mark.

Even Blanchard and Company senior portfolio director Douglas LePre didn’t see much to buy at the American Numismatic Associations National Money Show in March. And another coin dealer lamented the lack of available top-quality inventory in an April article titled “Why can’t I find coins to buy at a coin show?”

However, some coin sales are making noise. At a recent show in Baltimore, at least three coins topped the six-figure mark.

A 1795 Draped Bust Dollar certified at MS63+ PCGS grabbed $117,500. And an 1808 Capped Bust $2.50 gold piece certified at MS61 PCGS brought in $223,250. And finally, a 1799 Capped Bust $10 gold coin, graded at MS66 PCGS with green CAC sticker, made a serious run at the half-million mark by hitting $493,500.

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