Collectors waiting with bated breath for 2016 gold Standing Liberty centennial coins release

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Following the April debut of the 2016-W gold Mercury Dime Centennial coin, the U.S. Mint will be releasing the next item in this celebratory series later this year: the gold Standing Liberty Centennial quarter-ounce coin.

Although the official release date has not been announced, this homage to Hermon A. MacNeils Standing Liberty Quarter design already is generating excitement. As part of its tribute to these legendary coin designs, all of which first appeared in 1916, the Mint also will be distributing a gold reproduction of Adolph A. Weinmans Walking Liberty Half Dollar in a half-ounce version. Stay tuned to Blanchard and Companys Web site for information on both of these new coins availability.

Dont forget to collect the originals: In the meantime, dont overlook the original classic coins on which these 2016 tributes are based. Blanchard and Company currently (as of June 14, 2016) has in stock a 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter with the high grade of MS67, bestowed by NGC, as well as a green CAC sticker of quality assurance. With a Philadelphia mintage of about 5.6 million, this silver quarter was produced in the final year of the series, which would be replaced in 1932 by the Washington Quarter, designed by sculptor John Flanagan for the presidents 200th birthday.

A few changes to MacNeils original design occurred over the years in fact, the prototypes even includes two dolphins at Libertys feet, to represent the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but they failed to make the final cut.

Nudity nixed in design update: Moreover, the original design showed Libertys right breast uncovered, and more than 12 million were issued before chainmail was added in 1917, either because of complaints about the nudity or as a sign of the times of World War I.

Lady Liberty herself was reportedly modeled after actress Dora Doris Doscher, although a model named Irene MacDowell also claimed the role an assertion that is not widely believed today.

The placement of the 13 stars on the coins reverse also varies according to year. The 1916-17 versions feature stars on either side of the eagle, while subsequent issues locate three stars underneath the eagle.

A few other variants occur, with the raised date on Libertys pedestal being recessed by 1925 because of the wear and tear on earlier versions, while the 1918/7-S overdate remains the rarest of these quarters.

Building a full set is very doable: As one of our most beautiful coin designs, the Standing Liberty quarter is very popular with collectors today, NGC notes. The series is collected in its entirety by date and mint or as part of a 20th Century type set. Unlike many other series, it is still possible to complete a full set in uncirculated condition a valuable treasure that very few people will have the pleasure of owning.

Blanchard and Company also has in stock (as of June 14, 2016) a 1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar certified at MS66 by NGC another classic Weinman image that formed the basis of todays silver American Eagle bullion coin design.

You can have the pleasure of owning an original Standing Liberty Quarter or Walking Liberty Half Dollar by calling Blanchard and Company for any that are currently in stock. For a look at all of the current collectible silver coins available, click on this link. And please check in with Blanchards investment professionals for the release date of the gold Standing Liberty Centennial collectible!