King Charles III Coronation Sovereign Proof

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The coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023 was a seminal event in world history. The British monarchy had not crowned a new monarch since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1953. Many British subjects had lived their entire lives during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, until she passed in September of 2022. The coronation took place at Westminster Abbey in London, as was typical of these important celebrations. It was a majestic and important event in world history.King Charles at his Coronation May 2023

The Royal Mint responded with a brand new portrait of the King, specifically designed for coinage. Queen Elizabeth II’s portraits faced to the right on all approved coinage and in keeping with tradition, King Charles III’s portrait now faced to the left.

The new portrait was accomplished by noted British sculptor, Martin Jennings. The King is seen wearing the Tudor crown and on the periphery of the coin is inscribed the Latin legend, “CHARLES III – DEI – GRA – REX – FID – DEF,” which translates to “Charles III, by the Grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith.” Below his neck are the small initials, “MJ” for the designer.

The reverse is the familiar design that has been used on all British gold sovereigns since 1817 – that of “Saint George slaying the Dragon.” According to ancient legend, the person of Saint George was actually a Roman soldier, who followed the Christian faith. Little is known about him other than he was born sometime during the 3rd Century AD and was condemned to death by the Roma Emperor Diocletian, for refusing to renounce his faith.

Over the centuries, from British monarchs to even William Shakespeare all honored and revered the legend of Saint George. By the 13th Century, Saint George was often seen with the “red crosse” of the Crusaders. His historic fight with the dragon was seen as Good fighting Evil and his legend continued to grow.

In 1348, then King Edward III named Saint George as the “Patron Saint of England.” His legend was, by that time, one of the most important and repeated legends of medieval history.

Even the “Bard” – William Shakespeare wrote of him when he ended the battle speech in his iconic play “Henry V” with the words, “Cry God for Harry, England and St. George!”

King Henry V also motivated British troops during the Hundred Years War with France by repeating “Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more,” a reference to the bravery of Saint George. This victory helped to ensconce England as the world’s military super power of the day,

Throughout British history Saint George’s image was depicted and revered in this timeless battle. King George IV, who reigned in the early part of the 19th Century wanted to introduce a new gold coin and he chose Saint George as the appropriate subject. The new gold sovereign was first dated 1817 and has been used on British sovereigns ever since. It was also displayed on the reverse of sovereigns that were manufactured and distributed in Canada, India, Australia, and South Africa as well.

2023 King Charles III Gold Proof Coronation Sovereign

This reverse was imaginatively designed by engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, he chose to portray Saint George on horseback slaying the beast, which was in sharp contrast to many earlier coins typically displaying shields with heraldic arms or other regal symbolism. The action and motion depicted in Pistrucci’s design helped make this design popular centuries ago and still today, This design is now synonymous with the British Gold Sovereigns.

The Royal Mint struck these gold Proof Sovereigns to honor King Charles III and limited the Proof version to a mere 15,000 coins worldwide. They were struck in 22 carat gold (.9167 Fine Gold). The coin weighs 7.99 grams (.2354 Troy Ounce).

Proof coinage from the British Royal Mint is of the highest quality that the Mint, and its master craftsmen, can produce. They are always struck in very limited quantities to assure the best impression of the design that is possible at all times.

King Charles Coronation Proof

The coin is encased in a protective capsule, and both are housed in a beautiful presentation box, as created by the Royal Mint. This offering is complete with a descriptive and historical booklet from the Royal Mint, describing coronation traditions and symbolism and containing information about this new British monarch.

You may know that this historic coin was completely and very quickly SOLD OUT at the Royal Mint. This is truly a unique opportunity to add this important and historical coronation gold proof coin to your collection.

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