Morgan dollar proof snags almost $100,000

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In another sign of growing interest in top rarities, an 1895 Morgan Dollar proof from the Kling Family Collection made a serious run at the six-figure mark, selling for $96,937.50 in January.

Certified at Proof 67 Ultra Cameo by NGC, the coin is a particular rarity because no circulated Morgans are believed to have been produced at the Philadelphia Mint that year or at least none survive. Only 880 proofs were struck in Philly, while the New Orleans Mint produced 450,000 circulating Morgans and the San Francisco Mint created 400,000.

Coronet Morgans shine: The January sale follows the strong performance of 32 Morgan Dollars from the Coronet Collection in October, led by an MS66 1901 Morgan that sold for $587,500. Meanwhile, an 1895-O Morgan certified as PCGS MS65 with green CAC sticker brought in $211,500; an 1894 Morgan, rated as PCGS MS66+ and sporting a CAC sticker, commanded $152,75; and a 1921-D Morgan, certified at MS67 by PCGS with CAC sticker, got $30,550.

Are you looking for a top-quality Morgan Dollar for your collection? Blanchard and Company has a prize specimen in stock now: a 1904-S Morgan Dollar.

Make this prized Morgan your own: This coin has the distinction of having been minted in the last consecutive year of the series production, 1904. Morgan Dollars would not be produced again until 1921, its swan-song year that also birthed the Peace Dollar.

This Morgan Dollar is a standout survivor. The San Francisco Mint produced about 2.3 million that year, fewer than either the Philadelphia Mint (2.78 million) or the New Orleans Mint (3.72 million). Most were shipped east for storage in federal vaults, and few completed the cross-country trip without damage. This coin is one of the exceptions. Boasting a super-rare MS65 grade, this jewel of a Morgan also ups the ante with a green CAC sticker.

The 1904-S would be recognized as one of the rarer issues, one respected numismatist noted. Most specimens seen today are in lower grade ranges from MS60 to 63. MS64 coins are scarce, and MS65 coins are rare. He estimated that only a few hundred survive in MS65 or better state. Call Blanchard and Company now for more information.