Charles McCarble

Formal name (“nickname”): Charles McCarble
Hometown: Dallas Texas area
Years of work experience: 40
Years with Blanchard: 32
Biggest coin ever placed: Rare J&H Gold Bar from S.S. Central America shipwreck
Customer service philosophy: Based on my 30+ years of “hands on” experience, I have the expertise to match my clients with a well-diversified portfolio based on their needs and long-term goals. “Hard assets” such as silver, gold and rare coins are my specialty. Wether you are a savvy investor, experienced collector looking for a “trophy” coin to pass on to your heirs, or simply wanting to buy bullion for wealth preservation…I am your best source!
Personal information: Married, two kids, girl-25, son 27. 2- dogs
Hobbies: Fishing, golf, gardening
Favorite sports team: New Orleans Saints