Market News

Could Covid Kill the Penny?

Featured | August 6, 2020
See a penny pick it up –and all day you’ll have good luck! Remember that old rhyme? It could become a relic – along with the penny if some cost cutters get their way. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a nationwide coin shortage. Shoppers are relying on debit and credit cards to avoid touching cash,…

Monday Morning Wrap Up – August 3, 2020

Featured | August 3, 2020
Last week was one for the history books. After nine-years, gold surged to a new all-time record high – trading up to $1,977.50 as the Covid pandemic rages on, the economic data crumbles and the U.S. dollar crashes lower. The GDP report was a bitter pill to swallow – even though we knew it was…

Goldman Sachs Warns Dollar Could Lose Reserve Status

Featured | July 30, 2020
The U.S. Stands at a Dangerous Tipping Point. As gold spiked to a new all-time record high this week at $1,960 an ounce, Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs warned the U.S. was at risk of losing the dollar reserve currency status. Soaring U.S. government debt, rising political uncertainty and social unrest dominate our times….

Has the Psychological Impact of COVID Altered Investor Behavior?

Gold | July 29, 2020
We live in confusing times. The outlook for a COVID vaccine has never been more promising. Yet, the number of new cases in the US has never been more dire. This dichotomy has people reeling because they are rightfully frightened while guardedly optimistic. Consider the tone Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla struck earlier this month when…

Monday Morning Wrap Up – July 27, 2020

Ask an Expert | July 27, 2020
Falling dollar helps gold shoot above $1,900 an ounce. The U.S. dollar fell five days in a row last week. While paper money fell in value, gold and silver leapt sharply higher last week – fueled by a new Cold War with the U.S. and China, expectations for another trillion dollar government stimulus bill (paid…
Formal name (“nickname”):Michael “Mike” Hegwood
Hometown:New Orleans, LA
College:Loyola University / Tulane University
Years of work experience:40+
Years with Blanchard:17
Biggest coin ever placed:$50 Humbert 1851 RE .887
Customer service philosophy:Always be forward thinking with a robust long-term strategy for my clients.
Personal information:Married with 2 children
Hobbies:Music and playing piano, bike riding, exercise, reading and my children.
Favorite sports team:New Orleans Saints
Formal name (“nickname”):Danilo “Dan” Rouquette
Hometown:New Orleans, LA
College:Southeastern Louisiana University
Years of work experience:28
Years with Blanchard:14
Biggest coin ever placed:PR66 1879 Flowing Hair Stella
Customer service philosophy:Always keep the clients best interest in mind.
Personal information:Married with 2 children
Hobbies:Music and playing guitar, bike riding, coaching soccer and baseball for my children.
Favorite sports team:New Orleans Saints

Nestor C. Vindel

Senior Portfolio Manager | 888-272-3944

Nestor has been a Portfolio Manager with Blanchard and Company, Inc. since 2000.  In his career at Blanchard, he has been consistent in putting above average returns on precious metals and rare coin portfolios for his clients.  His 20 years of experience at Blanchard has made him well versed in the keys to success in building precious metals and rare coin portfolios. 

Formal name (“nickname”):Patrick Nolan
Hometown:Diamondhead, MS
College/year:University of MS (Ole Miss) 1990 Finance
Years of work experience:27 Financial Industry
Years with Blanchard:9
Biggest coin ever placed:Pan Pac Set $415k
Customer service philosophy:Diversification
Personal information:Married 20 years with 18 year old son, 13 year old daughter
Hobbies:Deep Sea Fishing & Travel
Favorite sports team:N. O. Saints Season Ticket Holder
Formal name (“nickname”):Rick Gautreaux
Hometown:New Orleans, LA
College/year:LSU and Loyola, ‘74
Years of work experience:40
Years with Blanchard:25
Biggest coin ever placed:Proof Ultra High Relief for $1.2M
Customer service philosophy:Treat customers like you would like to be treated. Fair and honest.
Personal information:Married
Favorite sports team:NO Saints
Formal name (“nickname”):Susan Sierra
Hometown:New Orleans
College/year:Mt. Palomar, Marketing
Years of work experience:40
Years with Blanchard:25
Biggest coin ever placed:MS67 1915-S Pan Pac Octagonal
Customer service philosophy:My philosophy is to assist clients in well diversified portfolios. As in any other investment, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Personal information:Divorced, no kids except Gus the dog
Favorite sports team:N. O. Saints
Formal name (“nickname”):Marc Jaynes
Hometown:Marietta, GA
College/year:Loyola University of New Orleans, 2008
Years of work experience:19
Years with Blanchard:9
Biggest coin ever placed:1866 $20 Liberty Ultra Cameo PR-65 for $385,000
Customer service philosophy:Every client has a different investing philosophy and Gold and Rare Coins accomplish the goals of any investing philosophy.
Personal information:Married for 3 years with 1 year old daughter, Taylor
Hobbies:Golfing, Tennis, Watching Baseball
Favorite sports team:Georgia Football


Gwen Wertz

Senior Portfolio Manager

Blanchard & Company, Inc.



Gwen joined Blanchard and Co., Inc. in January 2006 as a Porfolio Manager. Combining her natural enthusiasm of working with people and her strong background of over 30 years in the retail and hospitality industries including various management positions, she provides her clients with a high level of attention and customer service. Having first been introduced to the metals market with antique sterling silver has led to a passion for the precious metals market.

In her time with Blanchard and Co., Inc., she has developed a further appreciation for the history and investment value of numismatic coins. A graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she has resided in the New Orleans area all her life. She spends time outside of work volunteering, traveling, watching sports (Saints, LSU, Cubs), cooking, and gardening.

Formal name (“nickname”):Charles McCarble
Hometown:Dallas Texas area
Years of work experience:40
Years with Blanchard:32
Biggest coin ever placed:Rare J&H Gold Bar from S.S. Central America shipwreck
Customer service philosophy:Based on my 30+ years of “hands on” experience, I have the expertise to match my clients with a well-diversified portfolio based on their needs and long-term goals. “Hard assets” such as silver, gold and rare coins are my specialty. Wether you are a savvy investor, experienced collector looking for a “trophy” coin to pass on to your heirs, or simply wanting to buy bullion for wealth preservation…I am your best source!
Personal information:Married, two kids, girl-25, son 27. 2- dogs
Hobbies:Fishing, golf, gardening
Favorite sports team:New Orleans Saints

David Zanca


David Zanca

Senior Portfolio Manager



David Zanca began his career with Blanchard and Company twenty five years ago. Over the years he has assisted all types of clients, from well-known ultra-high wealth individuals to the casual collector/investor. David has also assisted several high net worth family offices with their investments in gold and rare coins.

During his time at Blanchard, David has traveled the country visiting personally with clients, attending major coin conventions and auctions, including attending, by invitation, the auction of the 1933 $20 St. Gaudens which sold for over $7.5 million.

David will be happy to use his knowledge and many years of experience to assist you in building and preserving you and your family’s wealth by developing a personalized investment strategy using gold and rare coins.