One Ounce Platinum Bar Our Choice (Types Vary, w/ Assay)

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1 oz Platinum Bar Our Choice (Types Vary, w/ Assay)
1 oz Platinum Bar Our Choice (Types Vary, w/ Assay)
During the early 20th Century, Canada, Colombia, and Russia were the main suppliers of Platinum to the world. In 1924, South Africa became the largest producer of Platinum Group Metals in the world. Today, South Africa produces 75% of all mined Platinum today.
In the 1970s, the auto industry became a major user of Platinum in catalytic converters and in the 1990s anti-cancer medications began using platinum byproducts.
As an investment, the Isle of Man struck a Platinum Noble bullion coin that met with great success, Soon, Australia and Canada followed the Isle of Man’s lead. In 1997, the United States Mint began producing American Platinum Eagle bullion coins.
During that time, many different refiners and manufacturers began striking Platinum bars. Such manufacturers as Valcambi, Engelhard, Scotia Bank, PAMP, Credit Suisse, and Argor-Heraeus, all manufactured Platinum in a convenient 1 Troy Ounce size. Most of these bars are offered in tamper-evident packaging complete with an assay certificate.
Precious metal investors typically buy gold and silver but those who want to diversify their precious metal holdings often include Platinum and sometimes Palladium to their investment portfolios.
Generally, platinum bars display the logo and/or name of the manufacturer as well as the weight and fineness. Oftentimes, these bars are sealed in tamper-evident packaging (TEP) which often have assay certificates and serial numbers printed on the insert. These certificates usually attest to the authenticity and integrity of the bar.
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Year NA
Denomination NA
Grade NA
Country Various
Grading Service NA
Weight 1 Troy Ounce
Fineness .9995 Fine
Diameter Varies
Manufacturer Various

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