10 oz Gold Bar (Types Vary)

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10 oz Gold Bar (Types Vary)
10 oz Gold Bar (Types Vary)
10 oz Gold Bar (Types Vary)
10 oz Gold Bar (Types Vary)


Gold is a treasured precious metal. Since ancient times, people have recognized the value of the golden metal. In ancient civilizations, Gold was reserved for the wealthy and powerful as ornamental items such as chalices and necklaces were made in abundance. Almost 2,000 before Christ, gold mining became a profitable venture in ancient Egypt. These civilizations also realized the beauty and rarity of this metal and diverted much of its use to coins, in order to give debtors, employees, and their armies something of real value.
Even in societies today, gold plays an important role. In Indian culture, gold typically takes the form of jewelry as gifts, investments, and everyday items. In India today, giving gold jewelry is appropriate for weddings and other important familial events.
The Chinese government, for example, encourages its citizens to buy gold as a form of savings for retirement. Without a Social Security safety net, gold is relied upon, in case their fiat currency (the Yuan) loses value through attrition or inflation.
Gold bars became a popular commodity in the 20th Century. After Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order recalling the US gold coins in circulation in 1933, many of the coins turned in were melted into the gold bars that were stored in Fort Knox, which provided a level of security, worldwide, in US Government securities such as US Treasury bonds and bills.
On December 31, 1974, the restriction on US citizens owning gold coins and bars was officially lifted and a new world marketplace for gold was reopened. The public learned that gold was a strategic investment and as an uncorrelated investment – meaning there was little to no effect on the price of gold when the stock and bond markets went up or down significantly.


Today, gold bars are manufactured by a few sovereign mints and numerous private mints. These bars now come in a great variety of sizes and weights to be affordable for all budgets. From the smallest bars at One-Quarter Gram gold bars to the very large 400 Troy Ounce gold bars, gold bars come in sizes to fit everyone’s unique budget.
Ten Ounce gold bars are a very popular size, in that unlike Kilo and larger gold bars, a ten-ounce gold bar is affordable for most investors. Its small size adds to its portability and desirability.  Ten Ounce Gold Bars may be acceptable in Precious Metal IRAs.
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Year Various
Denomination NA
Grade NA
Country Various
Grading Service NA
Weight 10.00 Troy Ounces
Fineness .999 Fine Gold
Diameter NA
Manufacturer Various

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