3-Piece Morgan Dollar-CC Set 1882-1884 PCGS MS63

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3-Piece Morgan Dollar-CC Set 1882-1884 PCGS MS63
3-Piece Morgan Dollar-CC Set 1882-1884 PCGS MS63

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Carson City Silver Dollars are all historic American coins. Silver Dollars with the “CC” mintmark invoke images of cowboys, gunslingers, and the Wild West. These are historic coins that are always desirable.
The Carson City coin mintages are typically much lower than other issues from Philadelphia, San Francisco, or New Orleans. Additionally, for almost a century, nearly three million of these coins were stored in canvas bags and moved from vault to vault. The coins received no special handling or care so finding CC Morgan Dollars in uncirculated condition is not an easy feat.
The three dates in this offer are great starter coins upon which to build a collection. All have been graded and encapsulated by PCGS, one of the major, independent, third-party grading services.
In the 1970s the government ordered the General Services Administration (GSA) to gather up all 2.9 million of these Carson City Silver Dollars and offer them for sale to the public. In a series of 7 sales lasting from 1972 to 1980, all of the coins were sold to very willing buyers. The coins were offered by the GSA as “The Coins Jesse James Never Got.”
You should strongly consider these certified coins, while limited quantities are still available.
Simply click the “Add to Cart” button now or call today to speak to one of our highly trained numismatists, who will be very happy to assist you.
YOU can own these historic coins that “Jesse James Never Got!”

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