20-Gram Gold Bar (Types Vary)

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20-Gram Gold Bar (Types Vary)
20-Gram Gold Bar (Types Vary)
20-Gram Gold Bar (Types Vary)
20-Gram Gold Bar (Types Vary)
Gold bars are highly sought after by investors and those looking to buy gold on an economical basis. While 1 Troy Ounce gold bars are fairly popular, smaller size gold bars are gaining in popularity, especially with the price of gold significantly higher than before.
Because a Troy Ounce of gold is comprised of 31.103 grams, these bars smaller than one ounce are very popular. 20 Gram gold bars fit that need. They have become so popular today that all of the major manufacturers now offer a 20 gram bar.
Some of the more popular brands including such well-known names as Valcambi, Perth Mint, PAMP, Argor-Heraeus, Geiger, the Royal Mint, the Austrian Mint, and many others.
These bars allow more people to invest in gold and to control the size and amount of their individual investments. It also helps to shrink the disparity in price between one ounce of gold and one ounce of silver by allowing smaller investments in gold, even with the price disparity.
But at 20 grams, the premium that one pays per gram of gold is reduced on a per gram basis by buying 20 grams at once.
With so many great and well-respected manufacturers making 20 gram gold bars, it allows us to offer a wider variety of great products suitable for all investment budgets.
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Year NA
Denomination NA
Grade NA
Country NA
Grading Service NA
Weight 20 Grams
Fineness .9999 Fine Gold
Diameter Various
Manufacturer Various

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