5-Gram Gold Bar (Types/Brand Vary)

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5-Gram Gold Bar (Types/Brand Vary)
5-Gram Gold Bar (Types/Brand Vary)
5-Gram Gold Bar (Types/Brand Vary)
5-Gram Gold Bar (Types/Brand Vary)
A One Troy Ounce gold bar contains 31.103 Grams of pure gold. With Gold reaching new highs, the higher the price goes, the fewer the number of people who can afford a Troy Ounce.
Additionally, while buying gold in Troy Ounces is an economical way of acquiring gold, it is inconvenient when you want or need a smaller amount of the metal.
Refiners and manufacturers were acutely aware of this dilemma so in response, they began to make gold in a wide variety of sizes to fit any budget.
A number of the major refiners and manufacturers began making gold in all sizes imaginable. From One-Half Gram to a 400 Troy Ounce bar, gold indeed fits most budgets.
In Europe, where metric measurements were the norm, gold bars in differing amounts of Grams were highly successful. This success has also spread to the United States as well.
These 5 Gram gold bars are typically stamped with the manufacturers’ name, logo, weight, purity and most likely a serial number. Due to improvements in refining, all of the recently-manufactured bars tend to be .9999 in purity, rather than simply .999.
As gold’s price is uncorrelated to the stock, bond and mutual find price movements, physical gold makes an excellent addition to an investment portfolio seeking a hedge against inflation and instability in the traditional markets.
The value of gold is not based on any analyst, or corporation, of management decision. It simply operates and fluctuates on other factors. Gold is an asset that is portable, private and has never gone down to $0. It has value, no matter where you are, and is extremely liquid.
This listing offers 5 Gram gold bars by a variety of well-known manufacturers. The choice of actual product is based on our inventory on hand,
Simply click the “Add to Cart” button now or call 1-866-827-4314 to speak to one of our highly trained numismatists, who will be very happy to assist you.
Year NA
Denomination NA
Grade NA
Country NA
Grading Service NA
Weight 5 Grams
Fineness .999 or .9999 Fine
Diameter Varies
Manufacturer Various

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